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DRL's fitted
Ordered a set of Philips Daylight4 DRL's last week from,saved myself over £30,they were £58 incl.P+P.

This afternoon I thought I'd have a look and see what's involved in fitting and wiring them up.
I decided the best place to fit them was in the lower grille but they were a few millimetres too big too fit between the upright bits of the grille,so with much trepidation I got the hacksaw out and removed one of the upright bits from each side.
They fitted between the horizontal slats a treat,but it was going to be impossible to fit the mounting brackets which the Philips DRL's simply click into,so,as I had already read up on various sites about different fitting methods I decided on heavy duty outdoor double-sided tape.
They are fitted between the grille slats and are not going to fall out.

Next job was running the cables up into the engine bay.
Again,this took some time and involved a few scraped knuckles and copius amounts of swearing!
I loosened the plastic top that runs just in front of the bonnet catch and just had enough room to be able to get my hand inside between the grille and radiator to pull the cables up through.
I secured the cables along the bottom of the lower grille with cable ties,you'd have to look pretty damn close to see them,and then used an adhesive cable tie mount to secure them well away from the radiator fan.

Next job was connect the control box to the battery.
Easier said than done!
I took the plastic cover off the battery to reveal the positive terminal,the negative terminal is at the other end and impossible to get to.
There is another plastic cover on top of the battery,and underneath is some heavy duty fuses,with a couple that are not used,so that's handy!
I connected the + cable from the control box to this fuse,but as I couldn't work out how to get to the negative battery terminal,let alone even see it,I connected the - wire to an earthing point on the inner wing.

The next thing you have to do is find the feed to the sidelight.
The Philips system is pretty clever,there is a blue led on the bottom of the control box and you simply push the orange wire into each wire that feeds the side/headlights and it lights up when you find the sidelight feed.
That's the theory!
Getting the multiplug off the back of the headlamp unit is a chinese puzzle,but,after 20 mins. I managed to get it off,switch the sidelights on and found the correct wire (green at the bottom of the multiplug) and then spliced the wire using a butt connector to connect them up.

Next thing to do is start the engine to make sure they work.
As with most automatic aftermarket DRL's they come on when the engine is started as they detect a charge to the battery,when the sidelights are then turned on the DRL's switch off,when the engine is switched off the DRL's stay on for 20 seconds and then switch off.

I secured the control box just under the n/s headlamp unit with cable ties,tidied up all the cables and secured them out of harms way with cable ties,job done.

Philips reckon that it takes 2hrs to fit,I did it just under two hours,the biggest problem is working out how the grille comes off,or at least enough to gain access behind it.

[Image: O8UeM.jpg]

With DRL's on.....
[Image: YtAlE.jpg]

With LED sidelights on.....
[Image: ZTTe3.jpg]

And side and headlights on.....
[Image: 72BvG.jpg]

The only problem I forsee in the future is failing the MoT,if they are strict and measure them,as there is supposed to be 600mm between the lamps,not possible by fitting them on a Mk3 Berlingo in the lower grille.But,there is nowhere else to fit them,short of cutting a hole in the front valence near the fog lamps or fitting some LED strips inside the headlamp itself.
2010 XTR in black with bells and whistles

[Image: 5A50i.jpg]
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Looking excellent, nip over to Glasgow and fit mine, pleez Cool
Former 2011 Mk3 XTR owner Confusedalut:
(29-01-2012, 06:38 PM)taxi Wrote:  Looking excellent, nip over to Glasgow and fit mine, pleez Cool

Thanks for your kind offer,but one set of bleeding knuckles is enough methinks :whistle:
2010 XTR in black with bells and whistles

[Image: 5A50i.jpg]
Excuse my ignorance, but what are these lights for?
I have my headlights on all the time, did think about fitting DRL's but I'm tight so just use the lights that are already fitted to my vehicle.

Volvo got the right idea years ago, engine running - lights on.
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WOW!!! Now those are great. Will have a look myself on Thanks for the post.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP. Persamos green.

[Image: ab197646.gif]
(29-01-2012, 07:09 PM)3rensho Wrote:  WOW!!! Now those are great. Will have a look myself on Thanks for the post.,not Ebay Big Grin

(29-01-2012, 06:58 PM)tucker Wrote:  Excuse my ignorance, but what are these lights for?

DRL's (Daylight Running Lamps) are a legal requirement on cars 'designed' after 7th Feb 2011.
They come on when the engine is started and go off when side/headlights are switched on.

LED DRL's,such as the ones I fitted,are a means of being conspicuous on the road without having to use headlights.
Using headlights puts more strain on the battery and alternator,thus increasing fuel consumption.

As well as Scandinavia,many european countries have made it a legal requirement that dipped headlights or DRL's are used during the day.

They are to be seen,not to see.

2010 XTR in black with bells and whistles

[Image: 5A50i.jpg]
Thanks. In that case they will probably be illegal in the uk..... :0
Fantastic, look OEM. Your camera and lovely looking house add to the shots too, something straight out the brochure. Well done, must be chuffed!
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LED sidelights sound good - where can you get hold of them? I've looked a couple of times but most seem to suggest they're not suitable for CANBUS cars.
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