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stereo wiring diagram or advice pls
hi, i have a y reg berlingo, bought it 2nd hand recently and it has a single din stereo fitment. The stereo that was in there was an aftermarket sony but the cd player doenst actually work. This doesnt matter anyway as I want to use my own alpine aftermarket unit but..... someone has been in there chopping and cobbling wiring...

looks like at some point they didnt want to shell out £15 for an iso adapter so they have chopped all the wires and run them through a cable connector block (one of those semi see through plastic long things with the screw down clamps usually found in ceiling roses etc?)

I already bought a iso adapter from halfords to use to connect the stereo up to it but now I think Im going to have to work out which wire is which coming from the citroens stereo wiring loom so I know which one goes to each wire from the iso adaptor Sad dont want to get it wrong and blow something on my beloved alpine head unit Smile

Can you help me pls? my van is 2001 y reg 600 x
[img][Image: 307xoie.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: vdd9b5.jpg][/img] what is this?

[Image: 195mv8.jpg]
If the cables to this connector block come from the van's loom, to where do they go?

If they go to the Sony unit can't you compare the connections on it to the adaptor and do it that way?
Should be able to sort out power and earth form the old sony unit when it was wired in test on old sony first
(05-02-2012, 10:32 AM)Coco Wrote:  If the cables to this connector block come from the van's loom, to where do they go?
they come out and go into the connector that goes in the back of the sony stereo

If they go to the Sony unit can't you compare the connections on it to the adaptor and do it that way?
wouldnt like to try that just because the adaptors for each arent the same so if I got it wrong it could damage my alpine. I think usually there is a sticker on head units that has a little diagram with the colours that co-ordinate to the different wires e.g red=live etc etc? but there isnt one on there.

what is that green wire and connector in my 2nd pic, never seen one of them before
well ive tested the wires with a voltmeter and it appears to have three lives and they are all permenant, is this normal??

Permanent live
switched live
Eco live

Don't use the Eco live. It causes the head unit to do weird things. This live dies about a minute after switching off ignition if the doors are closed.
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cheers tucker, can you tell me anything else to help? Ive been out there tonight trying to wire it up and by a process of illimination Ive gone through them with a voltmeter and put what I think are the correct ones together with spade connectors etc but the stereo wont work, checked the mini blade fuse on the back and it looks ok so am a bit confused!

if you look at my 3rd picture of the wiring I think the top 3 wires coming from the vans loom are the important ones and the rest are speakers? would like to know what that green wire and connector in the 2nd picture is for if you know?
Do you have the Sony unit? If so, a Google search for the model number will supply the wiring ddiagram. Or am I preaching to the converted? If so, my apologies.

One of those things that is, in essence, quite simple - until you have to deal with it !!
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Try this....
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Have you checked the fuse in the fuse box under the dash to the right of the steering wheel?

First time I fitted my aftermarket stereo I blew that fuse somehow.
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