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converting to LPG can it be done?
hi all
im thinking of converting my T reg berlingo to LPG any of you done if so how easy was it etc
advise be greatly appreciated
clare x
Can only viably be done with petrol engines, several conversion companies around. Gasure is well recommended. You can have a small gas tank to replace your spare wheel or a larger one behind rear seat taking up boot space.

You will need a high annual mileage or an intention to keep the car many yrs to make the fuel cost savings pay for the conversion which these days will be well over £1000.
My 1.6 petrol is LPG. The 1.4 petrol also converts very well I believe.

Don't even consider it if you have a diesel. It requires a mix of diesel and LPG to run and there's very little saving if any, so it's a waste of time even considering paying to convert.

As for a petrol model, yes it is worth it provided you are a) keeping the car long term and b) the car is going to be mechanically sound for at least the next 4 years.

Personally, I would only consider it on a car that is less than 5 years old. I had mine done when it was under 4 years old and it's been on LPG now for 4 years. It took around 2 years to recover the cost of conversion and I've saved over £1500 extra since then.

I only do 10,000 to 12,000 miles per annum, so you don't have to be driving very high miles to see a return. My annual petrol spend was in the region of £1500 per year, it would probably be nearer £2K now, so at around 40% saving, it's not hard to see how a good saving can be made in a year.
My old V8 Range-Rover was fitted with LPG when I bought it,if hadn't of been,I would never have been able to afford to run it!
It had a huge tank that took up most of the boot space.

But,something like a Berlingo wouldn't have such an advantage in fitting LPG as an asthmatic elephant 3.9 V8.
I think you'd really have to look at keeping the car long term to regain the initial outlay.
Just my opinion.
Other opinions are available on request.

BTW,here in Belgium you have to have a green LPG sticker on the back of the car,and you are banned from using underground car parks.
Something to do with gas leaks and loud bangs :whistle:
2010 XTR in black with bells and whistles

[Image: 5A50i.jpg]
I have no loss of boot space as I have a 60 litre tank where the spare wheel used to sit, so I just don't carry a spare anymore.

I think the only real restriction in the UK is you can't go via the channel tunnel. Apart from that it's as you were...

LPG always seems to invite people to panick about it's safety for little reason. It's actually less flamable than petrol. It's just that it's held in a tank at pressure to keep it in liquid form.

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