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Accident yesterday
Yesterday afternoon i was driving home in my lingo van, approaching one of those traffic calming measures, where i had right of way, as always on approach a load of cars jump through, i slow off as a ford galaxy slips through, i then pull away to go through and yet another vehicle has floored it to tuck in behind this galaxy, i am already committed by now and end up having to swerve to avoid this car, ending up smashing all the left side front of my van into a metal
Bollard, does the car stop ??? No, i reverse out and he had raced off but stuck at a red light, i catch him up manage to get him to pull over, where he has denied all knowledge and denied everything, ive had the police down , yet he still denies everything, no witnesses, police can do nothing as we have t collided, know i am left to bear the cost of a new bumper , headlight, wing panel and wheel arch liner, either via my insuranve or cash out of my pocket, id also like to point out that my 1 year old daughter was in the van at the time, dis the guy still have a heart.... No, will i be off work (self employed spark), yes i will, all in all this guy has crippled me financially, luckily my child is ok but if id have let him hit me id be ok insurance wise, life sucks, any advice pr pointing in any direction would be great.please
Excuse my grammar, im on my phone and a bit angry.
When I was training for my Class 1 HGV many years ago my instructor gave me a real good telling off for swerving to avoid an idiot on the wrong side of the road exiting a bend. "Let him hit you!" he shouted.
Later he explained that if I had gone down the ditch and wrecked the truck; that was my fault. Where was the other vehicle I avoided? Long gone. My word against..... nobody!
I realise this is fine in retrospect, but very difficult in practise.
It is human nature to take evasive action.
And secondly...
If I am driving down a narrow road and another HGV is coming in the opposite direction, I stop. If he hits me, its then his fault. If we clash mirrors when both moving, who is to blame? (Truck mirrors are v.expensive.)
And thirdly.....
My Dad used to say to me,
"If you believe EVERYONE on the road is a f***ing idiot, you won't go far wrong!"

I realise none of the above helps your situation.
Hope you get things sorted.
Sorry to hear about your accident. Glad your daughter and you are OK. That type of thing is really a pi$$ off. In this part of the world we have the same type of idiots. I've nearly clobbered a number of cars that try to get thru a roundabout before I get there. Most are usually talking on their mobiles and never even slow up to check if traffic is already in the roundabout.
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Hi, is there any cameras kicking about that might of caught the incident?
I hate scrotes like this.
Pay backs a bitch - send the boys round !!!:whistle:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
You should invest in a "Car DVR " costs about £30 on *BAY plus cost of memory card, sticks to corner of windscreen and depending on type they let you record whatever you require inc night vision and lets you play back/watch or download recording.
Former 2011 Mk3 XTR owner Confusedalut:
My mate drives a cement mixer for Tarmac.
It is company policy that they have forward-facing cameras recording all the time when working.
It has helped him no end proving non-fault incidents.
Surprising what people try to get away with until he points at the camera.
They soon walk away with their tail between their legs...Confusedillyme:
Sorry to hear this, at least you and the young 'un are OK but being out of pocket due to someone else's dangerous driving would be annoying to say the least!
'04 Peugeot Partner HDi LX. Lows, Leaks and Wellers. Now matt grey and dent free Smile

Cheers for the responses, i am gutted today, i cant work till i get this fixed, my insurance will now be more than my van is worth, whether i
Proceed with a claim or not ??? I can fix it
My self proably for £200 maximum, i think i
Was poorly advised to tell the insurance company but at the time i
Thought the guy may admit to something and was the right thing to do. The police at the scene even felt sorry for me and went out of there way f
For me really, just as per usual theres always a victim. If it was me id have offered the guy some money, he was so stone faced , the Police mentioned it after our interviews, i think the word the young femal pc used was "tosser", chin up i suppose, no one was hurt !!!put it down to
Experience and move on
It wasn't this guy was it??

[Image: 6903786063_5a2982b441.jpg]

Haha, that cheered me up, no Some middle aged , miserable git with a p reg toyoya starlet, lovely guy ;-)

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