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Faulty horn
My horn only works when the key is out of the ignition and the engine is off,

but strangely enough some times it will work when im driving and ive got my side lights on Confusedcratch:

can anyone give me some advice on this?
Had same problem. Horn works with no key in ignition. Doesn't work with key in. Looked on t'internet and came to the conclusion that it was an earth fault. The circuit doesn't go via any fancy electronics unit. It goes through 2 fuses to the horn switch ,horn and to earth - that's it. Tried to get front bumper off to get access to the horn to check the earth wire but after struggling for ages trying to unclip the final 2 clips at either wing I gave up. I eventually found a solution that worked for me from a post on this forum. Run an earth wire from the steering shaft to a good body earth. I have put a clip around the shaft and fastened a wire to the clip. I guess the return must earth back at the horn switch somewhere and relies in the steering mechanism to be earthed somehow via the ignition switch???
Hi, with the engine running (van stationary) try the horn while moving the steering wheel full lock from side to side. If you find it works at a certain point it is most likely the coiled ribbon cable has a break in it. This is the cable that runs from your steering wheel to your comm 2000 module.
Also check the earth connection behind the center interior light as this is the earth for this unit. :thumbsup:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
thanks for the help and information , i will have a try and see if i can get it working again Smile

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