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Scum bags
This was my beloved old E30, until some :censored: ing waste of oxygen and state benefits, decided a few days ago, that it would be fun to steal it, and then to set it on fire. She was a lovely old thing in immaculate condition, and this has really :censored: ed me off and upset the whole family.[Image: crying.gif]

It was only driven for a few miles before they did this. I would have been marginally less upset if they stripped the car for parts, at least there would have been some point to it. :brickwall:


[Image: BMW.jpg]


[Image: bm.jpg]
[Image: bm2.jpg]

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If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.

Our town has had a spate of A******S recently proving it doesn't much matter where you are.

A mate of my sons came up from Manchester the other weekend and stopped at our house over the weekend but woke on the Sunday to find both his and his mates car with drivers side mirrors and aerials snapped off. A wander up and down our road found that theirs were just two cars out of 7 similarly treated.

Drivers side only, further away from and partially hidden from owners houses, brave aren't they? S**t heads.

The following weekend the other side of town received an outbreak of the similar treatment dished out to another ten or so down a residential street.

The cost of insurance to youngsters means they already have high excesses and were unlikely to claim and thus bump up even further the cost next year, that is if the police figures themselves don't notch up the areas risk levels for car crime.

So although this is no where near comparable to your loss I dare say the 350 my son has just had to pay to Kendal Auto Bodys (Excellent job BTW) will sting him almost as much, as this is his first car (a Smart Roadster) and his pride and joy.

Considering this is probably just a "scum bag" after a night out having been KB'd by a lass with taste and judgement; he has caused thousands in repairs this last two weeks. Out here in the sticks there was no chance of CCTV, have they picked anything up of your twocking t**ts?
Gutted for you fella, the E30 looked a minter Sad Joyriders tried to take my Bluebird last year, luckily(ish) the steering column snapped before they could do anymore damage. Lets hope karma lets these scum die a horrible, slow death!

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Agree, looks (looked) a very smart E30, which is no consolation.
The answer to scum-bags?
Don't think there is one.
Even if caught the Law seems to do f**k all about them.
Bring back the birch. Or hanging. Or both.:woop:
Speaking from a bitter experience I know how sickened you must feel.
With the crazy way the law seems to work , just take a moment to consider how "lucky" you are that you didn't catch them in the act , get involved in a fracas , resulting in YOU serving 15 years at prison of your choice for defending your own property :brickwall:
Trying to lift your spirits is all Confusedalut:
So sorry to read that Chris.
Similar happened to me whilst on holiday
in Plymouth. A mint '65 GT Cortina, got it back a month
later less all the goodies, engine and gearbox and my clothes which were in the boot.
This was in 1978 and the police caught the bastard who did it. He went to Court was
found guilty of that and another hundred offences.
The Court set me a cheque for £1 compensation.
Nothing you can do but to swallow it and carry on. Angry
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Sad loss of a lovely looking car.

Agree that nothing the law can do to these people is enough.
Such a loss of a beautiful car
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sorry for you matey, as others have said SADLY nought you can do.......well actually there is, this govenment and others are voted in, [ I dont vote any more, whats the point, all shits, looking after themselves].
But we need a complete change of govenment attitude, non have any balls any more, dont really care about the masses,
WE could change things but british havent got the balls, a few want to but never stand up. I HAVE a few times but when it comes to crunch those around you you need support from drfift away...
Sad , these little shits are jealous, envious and have no morrels, their parents are probably shits also. Usual story , my little jonhni would never do that, and his mom and dad probably drink like fishes, etc etc.
Sad sad sad....
take a deap breath, and "do it quietly" if you seek revenge, dont tell a soul, and plan it meticulasly...too early in morning for good spelling.
Sorry guys gone of thread a bit but this is one of my hit the roof subjects.
2010 artic silver VTR with EXTRAS.......Confusedunny:
Thanks guys.

This happened close to where my brother lives, near Reading, and was a totally mindless act, the interior and wheels would have been worth over £1,000 and a "professional" would have done quite well out of it. It is hardly an ideal getaway car, and wasn't involved in any other crime, so all in all, totally pointless.

The "punishments" for stealing in this country are totally pathetic, and no deterrent at all. My wife had a handbag stolen a couple of years ago and the total costs added up to nearly £1,000 (with the costs of the bag, getting locks changed, car keys replaced, cash, and other bits, it soon adds up). The thief was caught and found guilty for this and dozens of other offences, but did not have to do anything by way of compensation. He was even quoted in the local paper as saying he was sorry and was now going to go straight. Not sorry enough to actually make any sort of amends though.

If these :censored: (or their parents) were made to either repay 100% of the cost of theft, vandalism or anti-social behaviour, in cash or labour, they might think twice. Tattooing :censored: across their forehead might be more satisfying though.
2005 Berlingo Multispace 1.6i Desire (Iron Grey)

If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.


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