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key symbol constantly flashing
Hi I'm sire this has been covered but I can't seem to find it in a search.
I got a 1999 berlingo yesterday and it started and drove spot in apart from the key symbol was constantly flashing as the van started and drove fine I just carried on plodding along.
However this morning I went to start it and it took a while to chugged into life spluttered for a second and died and has done this a few times, its like the fuel pump cuts out after a second. I presume its the immobiliser kicking in, is there a way of bypassing the immobiliser as I doubt anyone's going to rob this van.... Thanks
Hi, the key symbol is flashing due to the key not being recognized by the system. This could either by a new key without the coding chip in or the pick up unit around the ignition switch being faulty. I'm surprised it starts as my 98 van would just turn over with the light flashing.
Is your key a remote fob or is it a standard key? if it's standard have a look at the base of the plastic where the key shaft goes in, there should be a small square patch. This is where the the chip is. if it hasn't got one then the key must be a replacement one. May be the immobilizer has already been bypassed? Confusedcratch:

Your starting issue could be the glow plugs (if it's a diesel).

Do you know what type of engine you have?Confusedtudy:

Have a look at this

Let us know how you get on. :thumbsup:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
Hi thanks for your help iv got the 1.9d. On his post the light goes off but this is flashing constantly so I'm thinking it might be flashing because the immobiliser has been bypassed.
Iv looked at the fuel pump and there is only one wire which doesn't look standard iv unplugged this wire which runs to a relay and it wouldn't start what so ever so this must be needed.

Iv got a feeling the struggling to start is that its losing pressure in the fuel system like its running back down the lines after so ling so I'm going to get a one way inline fuel filter tomoz and out that on see if that keeps the diesel in the engine, suppose I could try manually pumping it before hand see if that brings the fuel up the lines before cranking it and ruining a battery and starter

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