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Ebay fault code reader
Ebay Reader

Has anybody got/tried one of these ? are they any good ?

Ive got an 08 multispace and i'm very tempted to try the reader on it but dont want to risk any damage.
That looks fine dont think it will do any damage and its a good pricce
I've got a similar Bluetooth dongle that I use with my Android phone running the Torque application. That combination works great and it's amazing what you can read in real time - HP output, turbo boost and dozens more. As Muply says, that's a good price.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP. Persamos green.

[Image: ab197646.gif]
Buyer beware, does say in the narrative "Not for Windows7 or Vista" otherwise I might have been interested....
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
Quite a few of these on Amazon for a similar price and include the Bluetooth dongle for the PC also. You get the added bonus of some feedback, which on the whole looks quite positive. I can't fully establish whether MPG is one of the features, some mention it other don't but I presume it would be.

Looks good though and I would be interested on hearing back from you if you do purchase one.
Hi All and Sundry:wave:

It would appear that this style of unit is based on a pucka Microprocessor ELM 327 designed for the job, Its use limited mainly by the quality of software wrtten for and the ability of the user. It could be that devices like scangauge are based around this microprocessor or developments from it and the attached will indicate to those who know ( Count me out Confusedcratch: ) how to understand its concept, all 76 pages of it !!!!! Confusedtudy::
Obviously a device like scangauge contains a lot else as it replaces the need for a computer / software to interpret and use the output of the ELM327.



This could be important

Should add, ref ELM 327 a review on Amazon said " Not costing the earth I ordered it, didn't bother with the included software (which is riddled with Trojans - it does come from China)

Worth checking with security software before using !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Google ELM 327 and it will list Utube links, not had time to watch them yet as SWIMBO has other ideas about useful employment of my time !!!!!:whistle:
Thanks to everybody for their input. As suggested I will do a bit more research Google etc, but if I do get one I shall certainly post my experience.

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