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my berlingo or a vw camper???
Hi Guys and gals, help me out again.....please...
summer is hopefully coming and even if it wasnt I still have the urge to buy a good vw camper again. I love my berlingo, well 90% of time but my real love will always be a camper. I realise mpg will at least half, [ my head say s berlingo my heart says camper] I really struggle over this decision. Some of you will know I have thought this before. It keeps coming back. I have considered the land rover, just because of "i love them" thoughts but apart from off road , no real benefits, but a vw camper gives so much more , apart from main issue.....mpg. Can I justify going from approx 1400.00 a year fuel costs[ at moment. god knows how long before next increase] or doubling costs [at least] to 3k a year....
I think the niggly concern over suspension has put a doubt in my mind, ok now under warranty but what happens in 12 months????? I know an old VW camper will also involve ongoing repair costs due to age....
Any thoughts guys???
2010 artic silver VTR with EXTRAS.......Confusedunny:
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vw camper it would be fun
Many years ago I had a split screen camper and I loved it !

My main gripe was having to take it everywhere as I couldn't afford an additional form of transport. The fuel consumption was not so much of an issue then, but trying to park in the City centre a]on a Saturday afternoon etc was what did for me.

I know that you are aware of all these pros and cons and it will come down to whether head or heart wins. I suspect that we know the answer................................................for how long can you have an itch and not scratch it?
Have a look at AMDRO on t'interweb.. They do a thing called a 'Boot Jump' that'll allow you to camp in your Berlingo... Best o both worlds..!
Can't beat a nice vw camper, split screens are just beautiful but they all have a price. I'velooked in the past at these and a complete rust bucket was 6k with out tax or test!

If money isn't a major factor, and you have another vehicle as a daily then do it, it the camper will be your daily then I wouldn't, but thats just me and my situation.
thats it I dont have another car to use daily, a harley for when its nice, so it would have to be a jack of all, [the camper] I`VE had bay, t25, t4 and all loveley in their own way , would prob go for t25 ...but me head keeps saying NO. If I won the lottery it wouldnt be an issue, buy one straight away. BUT I know thats why Jammie Oliver sold his, just too many brakedowns......unless your mechanical and a tinkerer. I`1m not so garage would reap benefits, where as apart from niggly rattles in suspension my berlingo hasnt seen a garage. I also have a little caravan, so its easy to pull when sleeping needed. Spose I am talking myself out of it here.....
Head 2 heart 1 at moment.
2010 artic silver VTR with EXTRAS.......Confusedunny:
Get down the shop and do the lottery! I know given a nig win I would get a split screen and drop an inapropriate engine in!

Sometimes though you have to let your head win, which is why i'm here after swapping my lovely 323i for a 1.6 berlingo. One day i'll get a nice toy again, when money is available etc.
I have a 2005 2.0HDi Berlingo converted to a camper by Lifestyle Developments. They call it La Parisienne. It has a pop top 4 seats, not 5, which convert to 2 single beds, a small sink, a cooker, a table, and all round window covers (using suckers). Mine also has a few extras including a diesel space heater (very effective), 240v and extra 12v battery. It's not the most comfortable night's sleep you will ever have but it's adequate for a night or two away or as a day van. It's also possible to use a drive away awning. This is their website

The basic Berlingo conversion (new) costs £18k but they can be found second hand, as I did. They have one in at £14k. Seems a bit expensive for a 7 year old vehicle but maybe it has all the extras. Worth a look, probably.
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Follow your Gut Instinct, pch-usually works out for the best-hope you enjoy yourself no matter what you decide, though. Have you thought about a new VW Type 2 camper from ? What about the VW Caddy ?
Former 2011 Mk3 XTR owner Confusedalut:
I'd love a VW camper, realisticly I'll aim for a decent T4 but in dreamland it'd be a Splitty, low and porsche engined Big Grin
'04 Peugeot Partner HDi LX. Lows, Leaks and Wellers. Now matt grey and dent free Smile


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