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Radio connectors ??
Hey I have just changed my cd in my 2003 berlingo to a kenwood one.. I was able connect it all up but When I unlock the van the radio turns on and when I lock the van the cd player stays on a while then turns off and if a doors left open the player stays on ontill the van goes into Eco-mode.. Was just woundering do I need to buy the connector block lead ??

Thanks Adam Smile
does the radio lose its preset stations after its turned of? I put a Kenwood radio/CD in my m49 2.0hdi (02) Kenwood states no wiring connector/adaptor required. When I enquired back at Halfrauds if the unit was faulty I was informed that this was common and on the wiring from the unit there are two stand alone wires (not in connector block) red and yellow I think with bullet connectors. If you have done the same as me and matched the colours, that is the problem they need to swapped ; red into yellow. Or it may be one wire on the radio and two in the loom (or vice versa) anyway try swapping them after that it worked fine on and off with the ignition and does not lose preset stations.
I hope this helps sorry its a bit vague but it was 6 years ago.
It's the eco live causing this, I have exactly the same. There is an ignition live on the iso block of the van so you could swap the wires over in the kenwood connector block. I have left mine on the eco live and just turn the head unit off when getting out.
Cheers guys on the info am gonna try changing the yellow to red now see how that goes Smile
Changed the leads over and working perfect Smile thanks guys.. But I bought the leads for the hand controls and plugged them all in correct but it's not working Sad anyone any ideas ??

Thanks again Adam Smile
(16-05-2012, 05:43 PM)min_mad Wrote:  Changed the leads over and working perfect Smile thanks guys.. But I bought the leads for the hand controls and plugged them all in correct but it's not working Sad anyone any ideas ??

Thanks again Adam Smile

When I put the steering column control interface in mine I had to swap the red & yellow back over (i.e. straight) as the adapter had the reversal in it. I my case it just meant your original problem reappeared but I have a Sony head unit, your Kenwood may exhibit different issues.
2004 Berlingo Multispace Forte 2.0HDi in red.
I changed the leads back over ( red/red and yellow/yellow) but still no joy and I have went through every setting on the head unit too see if it needed switched on but there's nothing about it lol..
Has anyone found a solution for getting an after market radio to work correctly in a Berlingo (ie switches off when you take the keys out)

At first I thought I had some sort of major electrical problem with the van, but apparently they are all like this. Never come across anything so stupid, radio continues to play for a while after you leave the vehicle - starts up again for a few minutes when a door is opened. And when you want to leave the radio on, (with the keys in the ignition) it annoyingly switches it off.

I have experimented with the yel/yel red/red yel/red stuff but that does not give a solution.

Is their anyway of over riding this eco mode nonesense? or better still is their a circuit that works off the ignition aux position that is not effected by the eco mode powering up and down ?
Eco mode can be re-programmed up to 90 (I think) minutes and that's long enough for most.
Problem is unless you can find someone near to you with Lexia it's a dealer job.
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Search the forum and you'll find the answer.

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