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coolant bottle spout.
evening chaps just a quick one,i have a 1.9 1998 berlingo van,the rad self destructed a while ago so i ordered a new one and removed the old kaput one,anyway two months later the new one arrived!i fitted it and started her up now water is spurting out of the spout on the r/h top side of filler bottle if veiwed from front .i presumed this was just an overflow spout but it spurts quite a lot of water out untill level light comes on .i can see nowhere else to connect the spout to,is this an overflow?or am i missing something totally obvious?doh!please help a numpty,mark
Either got it air-locked, did you bleed the system. Or the headgasket could be blown.....
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
(22-05-2012, 06:04 PM)andy-womble Wrote:  Either got it air-locked, did you bleed the system. Or the headgasket could be blown.....

no i havent bled system i dont have a manual at mo,is there a bleed point on the pipework somewhere,cheers, the spout i am refering to on the top r/h side just an overflow?cheers for reply i will search site to see where bleed point is mark
problem solved! i had connected the r/h coolant bottle pipe to the drain off spout at bottom of rad,doh!i a quick look at a friends berty and all became clear.mark
Nice one matey, we wouldn't be human if we didn't drop the odd Bo**ock now and again and bloody hell I've dropped plenty and I should know better. At least you are sorted and back running again.

Happy Berlingoing
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue

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