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Just wondering if anyone had fitted a bulkhead to their van? im hoping its going to make things a bit quieter on the motorway plus keeping things in the back hidden from view, considering buying the off the shelf metal one or just fitting a plywood one....
I made three of my own and and the factory fitted the fourth.
My C15,Mk2 and the '10plate mk3 were all my own doing,and despite my ineptitude, I did a better job than Citroen did on this 12 plate.

My own creations were set back about 10" from the headrest when its fully wound back.This gave a lot more storage space in the cab and I really didnt miss the space taken from the load compartment.My lad could even squeeze in the back behind the seats when I needed to carry two passengers!
It makes an instant and enormous difference to the quietness and also the heater doesnt have to work so hard.

I did mine like a stud wall -a framework made from 2x2s, then in the load compartment vertical cladding of 10mm marine ply planks (planks are easier to form around the profiles you will encounter)

The load compartment side was just a nice black offcut from the carpet shop stretched over the timbers and then staple gunned (the deep pile hid the staples.)
I put a perspex windows covering the area of the passenger headrest and where the rearview mirror looks back-this in its own frame and is hinged out into the back with the catches on the cab side.You can the pop it down if you need to get a really long item in.
The C15 one had speakers built in as well-I had an amp and cd changer in there.
I treated myself to a genuine citroen one this time and its a bloody awful impractical pigeonshit-welded monstrosity.
And because it carries the middle passenger seatbelt I cant even take it out and do my own.
All Ive done is cable tied some ply panels and a middle strip of perspex to the upper mesh part.

1 Diy- you can do your design to suit you -apart from the carpets all the materials I needed were already in the shed so it was just the time cost
2 Third party -cost more than the Citroen part but better quality however you lose your say on the design though.
3 Genuine part -learn from my mistakes!

Edit -I meant carpeted the cab side -not the load compartment side .duh
Thanks for that decided to go with a self built one from ply and covered in that black flexi carpet stuff , don't want to lose any space in the back as its tight as it is as i use it to cart mountain bikes around

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