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[Engine] make DPF a DODO
Ok, As many 110 owners will now be coming out of warranty, someone out there must of had a 'DPF/FAP Delete' carried out,(Its now becoming big buisness and the most trouble we had with a fleet of C4's was with DPF's), My question is this, Does the remapping/reflashing of the ECU knock power back to 90 (like the DPF'less Berlingos) or do we end up with a 110 "look at me, Im Fapless" Superlingo:woop:??
Can't see why it would. If a engine makes 110 it makes 110 if anything you'd gain abit.

It's rarely just programmed to diff powers, it's diff injectors, turbo pressures etc

I'm wondering do ya need a remap cos on my berlingo there's no wires or pipes off the PDF besides in and out
As far as im aware the 110 has the same injectors and turbo pressure as the 90 (someone correct me) it just runs a different fuel map, with a "DPF (FAP) Delete" some reprograming needs to be done to cancel out the regeneration mode and any warnings that may flag up, I suppose you could get it remapped to 120-140, but this Berlingo would be used as a cab and we had a 2.0hdi self destruct after a 'Performance remap', so thats a no no. I would just love to hear from a 110 owner thats had the delete carried out and how the vehicle now performs.
why would you do this....delete????
2010 artic silver VTR with EXTRAS.......Confusedunny:
When the DPF (FAP) problems start (and they will), and your local Citroen Mechanic starts sucking through his teeth, talking silly money. and more importantly to Cabbies, the down timeAngry Believe me, you will want the whole system removed and forgotten about. searching around, I see the Peugoet 1.6hdi fellas seem to be already onto this.

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