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has anyone changed theirs ? find my hdi hard on fuel with a judder feeling at times unless you put the boot down
Hi devil, Have you tried the obvious ie renew fuel & air filter? Next I suggest a good quality fuel system cleaner.I personally use Forte,but Millers has a good reputation.Buy quality as the cheaper ones have cetane improvers which give the impression of better performance('till it runs out),& doesn't clean the system as well.
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
Yes mate. id service regular and use the same fuel. will try the cleaner.
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thought id update this..

i brought berlinda to my proper mechanic who said to try fuel cleaner first before we go deeper. tried it for a full tank and still the same.. i left it in resigned to the fact its going to cost a fortune to fix as i would probably need something major,i waited for the call. after a few hours and heard nothing i decided to ring. my mechanic would only ring if its major so my hopes were building. he said he took it for a drive and it was like a kangaroo so tried various things. now this is the part im not sure but hopefully someone out there will know. he blocked a pipe that was something to do with engine temp, only any use in hotter countries. he said it was full of carbon and crap so cleaned it, blocked it and let it idle. i have drove it for a full week and no juddering..its seems fixed.. he named some part and used letters, E something or other !!any way all seems fine and total cost...£40..happy man
EGR - Exhaust Gas Recirculation

Does this sound familiar? If so, this is a standard part, used in all climates, not just hot ones.

It is used to assist the engine in warming up and to reduce emissions.

Can be disconnected or blocked but may cause EML. Lots about it on here, try a search for further information.

If it wasn't this, please let us know what it was

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