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Taxi Drivers - Would you recommend?
Hi Guys, just a newbie so go easy.

Im considering buying a Multispace Airdream for taxing. There have been loads popping up all over the place recently as taxis. I just wanted to hear the oppinions of some of the people on here?

If I take the plunge I would go for the semi auto Airdream model as it would make life alot easier around town and also the advertised consumption around town is better. As I believe these semi auto gearboxes are sort of 'new technology', should I be wary of commiting to this type of transmission due to the ammount of miles il be doing?

Also, I have read loads on here already, mostly good stuff, so what I am really asking is "Is there any reason for a TAXI DRIVER NOT to buy one"?

Cheers for any advice ....................
Hi, there-Using an Airdream for Private Hire use for past year and would recommend it-but it would be prudent to get a decent test-drive first to check it out for yourself.
Former 2011 Mk3 XTR owner Confusedalut:
Id do as Taxi says take a test drive first.
I have the 90BHP XTR manual, its a very nice car to drive quiet and smooth. A few of us on here has had suspension problems with struts and drop links I havnt heard anyone complain lately maybe Citroen has sorted it out?
Ive had mine just over 2 years now.
Cheers for the replies guys.

@taxi - What kind of consumption are you getting with the semi auto Airdream? I never rely on advertised figures, prefere to hear from real day to day drivers. Do you get your servicing done at the local dealers or somewhere else?

Also, have the issues with the oil starvation leading to failed turbos been resolved with newer models or is it just a case of keeping to the exact service regiem and using the correct fluids?

Thanks again!
Seems to be around 50+ mpg nowadays,For example :- just done 50 miles in Auto Mode , mostly motorway but 10 miles was stop/start in traffic yet got average of 48 mpg as per display on dash, so hopefully gives you some idea Serviced regularly by local independant garage who has serviced all my cars ( very good ). Keeping the cars serviced on regular basis seems the best option, using the right oil, filters etc. And as Philip points out-good to drive,is quiet and smooth, plus has a great big boot area.
Former 2011 Mk3 XTR owner Confusedalut:
@taxi thanks for the info.

Couple more questions, how many miles have you covered so far? Did you buy from Taxi Centre? If so how did you find them to deal with? If you where to buy another multispace, would it still be the airdream?

One last one, do you get many old people complaining about the step up to get into the back seats?

Thanks again.
Approx 40 k miles, I was pleased with The Taxi Centre and the service they provided when buying from them. I would buy another semi-auto but maybe you should test them back-to-back to see which you prefer if thats possible. As we all know, different folk have different problems, so can't really comment.see for deals etc. and even get a brochure off them.
Former 2011 Mk3 XTR owner Confusedalut:

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