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[Engine] Black Smoke

I have a 2004 MK2 Berlingo 1.9d. Since I bought the van in May I have had a constant problem of the van kicking out black smoke at around 2,250 revs and under load. Been to garage 10 times now, had new air mass, new Cat, new EGR. Still misfire and black smoke at just over 2,000 revs under load. Van has had full service all filters, runs better if I remove cable to Airmass, which is odd. The van is immaculate otherwise it would have gone by now. It starts fine. Please could someone give me a clue to what could be causing this. Thank you.
Could there be a possibility that the new air mass is faulty , I bought one for a scenic once which was faulty from new
The first thing you have to do is to change your garage!
There is way too much of this bad diagnostics crap going on.
They were employed by you to fix a specific fault and judging by
your post here they haven't yet fulfilled their side of the contract.
But I'll bet it's cost you some fairly serious money to have them
do all of that part-changing and you won't see that again.
Excuse the rant but don't they take the vehicle for a test drive
when they think that the fault is cured? I would be demanding some
recompense at least. If you had done the work yourself you wouldn't
have done much worse. You need to have a chat with the proprietor
of the company.
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What OJ says.

A garage that just keeps changing parts in the hope that it will eliminate a problem does not deserve to be in business.

I would be returning to them and giving them a letter along the lines that you have asked them to deal with a problem but despite charging you £x the problem remains and that you consider rthis to be a breach of contract. You should then be giving them 14 days to resolve the matter to your satisfaction or providing you with a refund.

Then find a local independent from a recommendation.

I realise that this can be awkward, but they are taking money from you and not providing the service
What Coco says.
100%. :thumbsup:
(25-10-2012, 06:10 PM)j90xxx Wrote:  What Coco says.
100%. :thumbsup:

Yup, ten visits and still not fixed? I'd have found a new garage LONG before then!
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I see no mention of testing the injectors which,with the symptoms,I find a bit wierd.
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