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[Engine] Its Cold Up North
Greetings from Up North.
My Bertie wont start on Cold Mornings.
Had 3 of the 4 Glow Plugs changed but the 4th is a stubborn one.It wont come out and Mike and the Mechanics says it could snap and cause more problems.I wait approx 45 seconds after turning the ignition key before I hear a click and then it takes ages for the engine to start fully.The battery is relatively new.What do I do? Risk snapping the 4th plug or is there a solution to get this plug out or do I look forward to spending the Winter at home.(ps The Wifes at home all day and I need to get outta the building at some stage)
Cheers in advance
If the issue hasnt solved with 3 of the 4 plugs changed,are you sure its not something else first?
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welcome to the forum johnny_macken,

Its 13 drg here and the sun is out, so I'm getting out while its good. And I'm further north than you.!

I take it its a 1.9d youve got. ?
Your glow plug light should come on when ignition is swirtched on , it goes off after about ten secs but the relay stayes on longer (mabye 30 secs. ) then switches off to avoid running down the battery. Is that the click you hear ?

I start mine by switching on waiting until light goes out then switch off and on again and waiting until the light goes out and it starts no bother, well a couple of turns.
It should start with only three plugs working bit smokey at first but then it should be OK. Before I got mine someone had problems taking them out/putting them in as the two akward ones were cross threaded.

Only a suggestion but what about when the engine is hot trying it with a ring spanner ?
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Glowplug shoud come out with some Plusgas and a hot engine!

Could be many thing though... although with milage high on a 1.9 d, as mine is, I have found 2 cycles of the glowplugs usually does the trick.
Adam..2003..1.9D..LX..Silver Crew Cab Van.....
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Thanks for the replies.
Answers to some of the Q's. Yes Bertie is a 1.9D on an 03 plate.The Glow plug light goes off after 5 seconds maybe (always reminds me of making Love!), but I leave the key turned until I hear the Click from under the bonnet and that takes approx 45 Seconds.I then turn the Engine over and that's when he starts to struggle and its always touch and go if it gets going.Once its running it runs like a dream.Ive just finished work tonight and the Temp was just above Freezing and it fired up straight away but I know that in the morning after being parked up overnight it wont wanna start.Mileage by the way is approx 160K so its nearly run in.
This Van has been a great Van and I'm reluctant to get rid.Maybe Im just gonna emigrate to warmer Climes and head South for the Winter.I hear Wigan is the place to go but I'm not too sure cus I'm told there aint no B&Q in Wigan which is a shame.............

However there is a DoubleYou,an Eye,A Gee,an Hey and also a En in Wigan.
I will get my Coat.....
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WRONG!!! :lol:Confusedtudy:
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Correct I'm Wrong but that's in Manchester and Wigan was always in Lancashire when I was a lad so Im past caring.Anyway Bertie is freezing his bits off right now and he wont start in the morning.What do I do?
I think the priority is ensuring the glowplugs are replaced and operating correctly.
Then you can check for air in the fuel system. Try priming the push button a few time before starting, if it helps then you may have a small leak somewhere.
At your mileage valve clearances and injectors may need some attention... mine did at 180000 miles!

Good hunting.... Smile
Adam..2003..1.9D..LX..Silver Crew Cab Van.....
If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.
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I agree with Adam.Check your valve clearances pronto.
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