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That time of year
Antifreeze. Confusedtudy:

What type/brand/spec antifreeze do I need?
And perhaps the intelligent/knowledgable/good-looking members of the Forum could do a definitive list for different models/engines/years?
We would all be appreciative/thankful/jealous of said person. (You know who you are...) :whistle:
Who ?
Former 2011 Mk3 XTR owner Confusedalut:
Wait and see... :whistle:
Monoethylene Glycol based anti-freeze recommended for all engines. For example Glysantin G33 or Revkogel 2000

As per HBoL
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I thought engines run throughout the year with antifreeze.

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(08-11-2012, 08:18 PM)Coco Wrote:  Monoethylene Glycol based anti-freeze recommended for all engines. For example Glysantin G33 or Revkogel 2000

As per HBoL

Is that the pink or blue stuff? The HBoL doesn't say. I've put pink in mine after a good flush out so that I don't have to bother for a few years.

Stupid computer!
Security system should not fail safe!
Security system should fail dangerous!
I have used the pink as well.

ECP has blue and pink, both (on the face of it) are suitable but they recommended pink
(08-11-2012, 09:09 PM)philip Wrote:  I thought engines run throughout the year with antifreeze.

So did I, my Mk2 has the antifreeze check as part of the service and as such runs on it winter and summer.
I was told that modern engines cooling is improved by leaving it in plus it helps keep the water pump in good order and corrosion down.
I should have put the original question better.
Of course, the additive is correctly called 'Antifreeze and Summer Coolant'.
But when was the last time you heard someone, in August, checking the concentration of their summer coolant?
At the moment Halfrauds and Euro Crap Parts are all over us with banners about 'winter' and 'antifreeze'. Don't believe they do the same in July with 'summer' and 'coolant' adverts?

Back to the question....
The answers, so far, have been vague and wrong.
Red and blue antifreeze (sorry, coolant) is not the same, and either will not do!
Blue coolant should not be used in modern engines as its additives are not as inhibiting as red antifreeze (damn... coolant!) and can cause corrosion in the cooling system.
Protection of your delicate bits is far superior in red coolant.
As with modern fuels and oils, technology has moved on in the coolant department too.

Found this.
May be of use to Members.

In case it is of interest?
The technical data sheet for blue and red are here.
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As part of the service schedule the concentration SHOULD be checked winter or summer.
Mine has a pinky colour so I assume red is used, but if red is superior to blue, why would you use blue in any engine, old or modern ?

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