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Revs slower to drop when warm
When the engine is cold, the revs drop nice and quickly, but the engine hangs on to revs slightly when warm, which means some gear changes can be a little baulky. I prefer to blip the throttle myself if needed!

This sounds like it would be the cold start mechanism that I've heard is prone to failure/sticking on the DW8's, but just thought I would double check with you guys. Smile

Thanks for any help
Hello there, to be honest I don’t think the cold start mechanism is to blame as even if it was sticking in the on position the revs should still drop off the same if the engine is hot or cold.

When the cold start mechanism fails the engine usually runs at higher revs as the mechanism fails to release when the engine is hot. I base this on my own experience as my cold start failed and that’s what I found.

The idle revs should be 1150 rpm fast idle (Cold) and 875rpm (Hot) but I prefer about 950rpm when hot 1.9 (DW8B). But these are dependent on engine code and with or without aircon.

If your engine revs are dropping when the engine is hot then the cold start will be working.

If when you rev the engine and it is slow to return to idle when engine is hot then I think it could indicate a worn injection pump. I was told this by a diesel mechanic that inspected a car for me a while ago.

Not an expert but thought I would share this with you. Dave.
[fon‌t=Verdana]Smile it's already happened! [/font]Big Grin
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Thanks Dave - maybe I'll just ignore it then!
That's interesting. I think the cold start thingummy may be stuck on my car as it always seems to idle at 1100rpm. What's the cure (before I start searching the forum)?

tried searching the forum and I keep getting "Oops link appears to be broken" and it redirects me to a cached page. This also doesn't seem to want to search for "Cold start sticking" or "cold start staying on" or any other combination

Stupid computer!
Security system should not fail safe!
Security system should fail dangerous!
try this post
Thanks, I'll have a look this weekend. The mpg seems fine, if anything I get better than you'd expect from this vehicle (44mpg on average, sometimes up to 47), so it's not an urgent problem.

Stupid computer!
Security system should not fail safe!
Security system should fail dangerous!
Well the cable was tight but I couldn't turn the knurled nut to slacken it. If I try to turn it the bracket bends. So I adjusted the end stop nut that the cold start cable moves.However I have a funny feeling that all has done is to lower the hot idle speed to 800rpm. I think that the cold start mechanism is frozen solid.

Stupid computer!
Security system should not fail safe!
Security system should fail dangerous!

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