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Woodshapers Berlingo (3)
Had two near rear tyres fitted last week, after 3-4 days this is how the near side tyre started wearing, swapped it for spare which is okay.

The old tyre had worn down very badly on the outside edge!

Anybody any ideas what has caused this??????


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I think rear tracking is out matey....
Thought the mechs would have checked this on fitting though??
A more detailed reply for ya.... took a while to punch in......applicable to all uneven tyre wear......

the most likely culprit is the steering lock angle's are wrong, (thats the tracking measurement when the wheels are on a lock) it's usually a result of the straight ahead tracking being adjusted on one side only, or adjusted unevenly. When the wheels are on a lock, the inner wheel has to turn a tighter radius than the outer wheel, the exact amount varies from car to car but generally it will be in the region of 21 degrees for the inner wheel and 20 degrees for the outer wheel. If the straight ahead tracking (toe-in/out) has been adjusted unevenly you can get a situation where the inner wheel is turning too much or too little compared to the outer wheel and vice versa, and hence you will get wear on one tyre only. Another cause is incorrect King Pin Inclination, usually caused by lower ball joint and/or wishbone bush wear. Incorrect camber angle wont cause noticable tyre wear unless it is really excessive such as a bent stub axle or suspension leg. To determine what is causing the wear is fairly easy. If it is camber, you should be able to visually notice the wheel not sitting right, ie, the top of the wheel is out a lot more than the bottom. If it is KPI, the tyre will wear out gradually from the inside but the last half inch or so of thread on the outside will be ok. If it is steering lock angles, the tyre will wear out gradually from the inside right down to nothing left at the outside. Assuming there are no worn or damaged components, then it is 99.9 per cent certain the steering lock angle's are wrong because under normal driving as the components gradually wear, the tracking will always wear outwards, it cannot wear inwards, it's a mechanical impossibility as the drag of the road will always tend to pull the wheels outwards and any resulting tyre wear will always be on the inner edge of the tyre, so if you have one tyre wearing on the outer edge it is almost certainly a result of incorrect steering lock angle's.

Reply B......... Flipping POTHOLES have probably caused this!!
Adam..2003..1.9D..LX..Silver Crew Cab Van.....
If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.
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As Adam knows there are PLENTY of potholes in the southend area.

I have this same problem of wear on the outer edge of the tyre but it is on both of the front tyres, Got to get my tracking checked


53 plate Berlingo Multispace Forte 1.9D Polar White
Front tyres could also be a result of cornering like Lewis Hamilton......
Have you been trying to go fast in you blingo LliamSmile
Adam..2003..1.9D..LX..Silver Crew Cab Van.....
If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.
Maybe a little sometimes but calmed down when I got the tyres changed last time as thats what I thought it may have been maybe I am a little fast still without noticing so much nowadays


53 plate Berlingo Multispace Forte 1.9D Polar White

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