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Clutch Switch
Hi Everyone - Newbie question??
Had our Berlingo for a month now and am gradually sorting it to what I want.
It's an 55 plate M59 Desire 1.6HDi with the 9HX diesel (no DPF). Cool
Having a problem fitting Cruise Control - stalk installed and enabled in BSI ok, engine ECU enabled for CC ok. Wink
Lexia showing stalk switches operating ok, brake switch operating ok but Clutch Switch active permanently? Sad
Can see (just) the small black switch above clutch pedal operated by a blue cam around the pivot (via mirror and torch). Can see the switch moving in-out as clutch pedal is pressed but Lexia shows the switch always active!
Illustration below is from Citroen pedal bracket info for Vin but the space in the LH bracket where the arrow points to the clutch switch mounting point, mine is solid metal (no access). Switch is between pedal mounts and above pivot.
Has anyone found a way to access the clutch switch to check or change it?
Doesn't seem possible from below without removing brake and clutch masters and pedal unit!!!
Not accessible from above by removing instruments.
Anyone found the way to get at the clutch switch??Confusedcratch:

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I would find the other end of the two cables, unplug and
use a multimeter, set to Ohms x1 effectively across the switch when operating the pedal.
These may well terminate either in the BSI or the ECU itself so a correct shut down procedure
and battery disconnection is advisable before you start probing.
Rustscrat is probably the best guy here to give you definitive advice on this.
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As OJ says, Rustscrat is your man with this - he'll be along before too long
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Hi, Pull fuse 1 in the PSF (engine bay fuse box). This is the feed for the clutch switch and the vehicle speed sensor.
The switched signal from this goes back to the engine Ecu.
Don't forget to replace the fuse if you go driving as your speedo won't work.
Let us know what you find. :thumbsup:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
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(02-12-2012, 09:03 AM)Rustscrat Wrote:  Hi, Pull fuse 1 in the PSF (engine bay fuse box). This is the feed for the clutch switch and the vehicle speed sensor.
The switched signal from this goes back to the engine Ecu.
Don't forget to replace the fuse if you go driving as your speedo won't work.
Let us know what you find. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the info. Battery feed from F1 PSF via switch to Engine ECU then.
Have you got (or can point me to?) the plug ID and pinout for the ECU connector? Confusedtudy:
If the clutch switch is still permanently active (suspect no connection) then switch or wiring fault - ok
If switch ok on test (on-off connection) then ECU duff? :brickwall:
Cancel that last order!!Confusedillyme:
Pulling the fuse won't tell you owt because when the pedal is pressed the switch opens and cuts the signal to the ecu. I've just tried this on mine.
So, you have to get 12v returning to the ecu to tell the system that the pedal is released.
You will have to short the switch out at the plug (on the pedal) to see if the switch is at fault.
If you P/Mail me your Vin No. I'll dig out the correct drawing and post it.
Just a thought, are you sure you have a clutch switch as not all Berlingos have them.
Have a look at the picture, the switch mounts on plate "a". Confusedalut:

[Image: dcvh1.jpg]
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
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Here's your circuit for the switch.
It looks like your pedal arrangement is different probably because it's a hydraulic system. All the diagrams etc seem to be for the cable type but here's one I've found which could be similar to yours. It's from a C2 and it looks like the switch (10) should unclip from the L/H side. Confusedalut:


2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
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First - Thanks to Rustscrat and friends for the info. Confusedalut:
Today I pushed drivers seat right back, upside down under dash with a mirror and torch managed to see a small hole in the LHS support where the switch lives. Rolleyes
Extracted the same with a long flat blade screwdriver (less its barbed mounting clip center peg). Forced cable connector off from top of bracket against sound felt and extracted switch and cable connector thro' small hole in LHS pedal plate.
Disconnected and dismantled switch, cleaned contacts, reassembled and tested with ohmeter - now working ok. Cleaned pins in wiring connector and held switch plunger in with a rubber band, then reconnected.
Lexia now shows clutch released - woo-hoo. :woop:
Removed band and clutch showed pressed (active), now Lexia follows the clutch switch with a slight delay for the ecu to respond.
Upside down again under dash with back of switch covered in quick set araldite. Several minutes later with messy fingers, Lexia is now showing clutch operation corresponding to pedal position. Big Grin
There is no easy access to the clutch switch on the 1.6HDi.
The pedal bracket is as in the diagrams below.
The switch is black, about 10mm thick, 35mm long and about 15mm wide with a sloping plunger that follows the cam around the clutch pedal pivot.
The clutch switch and wiring connector will come out with some persuasion from a flat blade screwdriver. (but the switch will probably leave its fixing peg in the bracket)
The switch is easy to dismantle, clean and reassemble (2 tags at the wiring end and slide out the works).
After a forced removal, the two remaining locating pegs allow the switch to be correctly located and glued back into position.
When programming the BSI for Cruise Control the code that worked for me was 03114.

Now to let it all set, recheck tomorrow with Lexia and then see if CC is now operational. Wink

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Right - so today the clutch switch is working (still) and all of the other switches on the stalk and brake are reading ok via Lexia.
BUT Still no Cruise Control?
Have rechecked -
BSI settings;
Overspeed Function Presence - No
Cruise Control Option - Present
Presence of Clutch switch Input - Yes
Injection Config;
Speed Limiter - Missing
Cruise Control (RVV) - Present
ESP - Absent (don't have that)
Checking in parameters shows Clutch and both Brake switches operating correctly.
Com2000 shows
All stalk buttons and switches operating ok.

I now have one Temporary Fault in the Injection area;
Cruise Control CAN Communication Error or Incorrect Data
Fault Code P0565
Engine 758 RPM
Vehicle speed 0Kph
Cruise Control Request - CC + Speed Limiter Not Selected
Injection Flow - 6mg/op
Engine Status - Initialisation

Some of the Fault code values look very weird to me - speed & engine status?

Does anyone know if I can enable CC without the Limiter Function?
The CC switch I have does not have the limiter switch position.

Looking up the P0565 code it indicates a CC ON switch problem but the Lexia text also includes the Limiter?

Anyone shed any light on what to check next?
Are you going fast enough for it to enable? Think it's about 30mph.

Have a read of this. Confusedalut:

.pdf   Cruise control.pdf (Size: 72.49 KB / Downloads: 31)
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool

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