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sluggish 1.9d DW8
Hi everyone,
I've read a few moans about the lack of performance in the 1.9d DW8 engine.
I have for the last 11 years been driving 306s with the XUD engine, which as far as I know the DW8 was the replacement for, so I would have expected maybe some improvements, but mine is pretty gutless and with a medium trailer (even empty) attached it struggles to get up hills at 50 MPH, consumption also is worse (seems to be about 40ish for mainly non town driving, whereas the XUD was about 50MPG). It only has 40,000 on the clock so I'll be interested to hear from other owners if I've got a dud'n or they're all chocolate teapots. I hasten to add I only drive at 60ish on motorways.
2005 Multispace 1.9D poseidon blue
its how it is i'm afraid..... You have got a fairly basic 70bhp lump of iron which is trying to propel a barn with wheels along a highway.... might as well just sit back and appreciate the scenery...

comparing it to a 306 (even with identical engines) is pointless purely because of the drag caused by the slablike contours of the 'lingo
53 plate 1.9d Multispace Forte

Upgraded t'wireless and front speakers, loads more planned but not much action.. Wink
Yep agree with Grimsqueaker here..... have learned to live life at a slower pace now....... thanks to the berlingo's leisurely pace... sometimes get a bit concerned now when I drive the Transit at work.... seems a bit nippy!! Smile
Adam..2003..1.9D..LX..Silver Crew Cab Van.....
If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.
Glad I opted for the 2.0HDI then, previous car was a 306 with the DW8 unit.
Solo it was fine though more of a workhorse than a Grand-National winner, couple it up to a caravan, add the wife, our niece, 2 dogs, clothes and clutter for up to 10 days holidaying and what have you got...... Yes this was flat as a fart, so can imaging the Berlingo 1.9 being even worse with a good load on its back.

Yet to put this lady to the test but hopefully it will tow and perform a bit more sprightly than the old faithful Pug.
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
In that case why did they do away with the XUD???
2005 Multispace 1.9D poseidon blue
Think it was in Which? Magazine that i saw this engine referred to as 'asthmatic', when compared to the HDI engines. Ill try to find the article.
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(14-03-2011, 08:32 PM)dave tregidon Wrote:  In that case why did they do away with the XUD???


53 plate 1.9d Multispace Forte

Upgraded t'wireless and front speakers, loads more planned but not much action.. Wink
Hi Dave,
dw8 engine is a very strong and good engine-my last berlingo did 537.000 miles without any problems whatsoever although after the 300.000 mark it started getting sluggish yet still did OK .the issue seems to be basically one of prompt maintenance-6k oil and filters cghange was my method,and occassional use of diesel cleaner in the tank.dw8 has an even better record against any hdi as they have no rubber instert on the crank pulley-major trouble with any hdi and the reason for the motors to fail around 200.000 at most!therefore keep your engine and its breathing system clean and it`ll give you many years of service-i still kick myself for having sold my last one as it was still good as gold and looked it short if you look after the bg,it`ll look after you.
good luck and many thousands of miles.
the marathon man
Hi marathon man, yes everyone keeps telling me they go on and on and on, but 537k??, what you got, the csa after you? Anyway I was going to put some cleaner in and see if it helped any. The car has only done 40K and the fella I bought from was much like me oil/filter change every 5 to 6.000.
2005 Multispace 1.9D poseidon blue

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