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need help with head gaskets set
hello, i bought a head cylinder gasket set, just like in this picture:

i placed all the gasket in their place, but i down know what the four gaskets in the left-bottom corner (in the picture) are for... (where should i put them)
thanks for your help.
Camshaft seals ???? Stat housing seals ???
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Manifold/turbo/exhaust ?
There are definitely two shaft seals, possibly it's for a twin cam gasket set?

You need the cam pulleys off to fit them (do not mix up inlet and exhaust pulleys), and usually the seals are applied with a little sealant on the flat edge (I use Threebond 1211).

The O-rings I would guess at water pump and thermostat housing, or 'stat housing and top hose seal.

At risk of starting an argument with others here, I suggest spraying with Blue Hylomar spray onto the head gasket, both sides, let dry a few minutes and repeat. This is done immediately before fitting the head back again. Also, after the first tension of your head bolts, it never hurts to wait a few hours or overnight before the last tightening.
I'd normally go with the Hylomar too addo, but last c/h gasket I fitted came with a notice saying the gasket incorporated a gasket sealant in micro-capsules, and not to use any additional sealant as the two might interact preventing either from working properly. Worth checking mebbe?
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Have seen a few not with that specific advice but conspicuously "sticky" sealant banding. I'd be surprised if the Hylomar diminished any included sealant's effect on a gasket. Besides, as a contrarian, the first thought I'd have on reading a notice like that would be: "Oh yeah? Just watch me." Although, it would be trialled on my own vehicles.

Shellac based sealers would be another story; easy to imagine them blunting the effect of a modern product. A bit like trying to paint on a chalky surface. I've seen too many marginal situations - poor liner protrusion mainly - saved by the use of Hylomar, to be comfy without it.

Given our OP's location, he's going to get raped on gasket spray more than Aussies do, if he does go that route. That'd suck.
Likely you're right, but I'm one of those who normally likes to follow the manufacturers instructions to the letter, and then if there's a problem you can grab 'em by the throat.
I used to spread red Hermetite around like jam when I first started playing with engines, but modern gasket sealants are much better and less messy. Trouble is, it's a lotta work replacing a head gasket, and a real pain in the @rse having to strip it again if summat ain't right....
'56 Multispace 1.6HDi - Iron Grey

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