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Armrest - Has Anyone Bought One
Hi all been wanting to purchase an armrest for the B-Lingo so did a search on forum and noticed a few have bought the Armster Armrest which cost around £80.

To be honest i havent got that kind of money for one so been looking at universal ones on Ebay and came across this one,

Has anyone bought one of these or know someone who has, i generally just want to know what quality is like , i know it not gonna be as good as an Armster Armrest but it looks as good (at least i think so anyway).

Thanks for reading guys and gals and hope you all had a Merry Christmas
for that sort of money it doesnt look half bad, gotta be worth a try. Let us know if it goes well. I`m sure many would be interested.
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Our car has armrests fitted as standard and they they never get used. They get in the way of the handbrake operation.
So where does this bit go then ?
I only use mine on the motorway if I'm going further than my normal commute of about 40 miles. I'd be interested to see how this turns out though.

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Hi all , i mainly would be using for storage and for when i going on long journeys with caravan for a bit more comfort. It says the whole unit lifts up as well to clear the handbrake, i have ordered one so will see what it is like. I am not expecting top quality but it does look decent and i am expecting it to be a fiddly install as its universal not car specific but for the money it doesnt look bad also if it isnt much cop it will get sent back.

Will post some pics when it has been fitted.
I've got an armster but if I saw the cheaper one on ebay.... I'd have got that!!
What have you got to lose .... it looks good!!
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Do you find the armster any good, i think this one i ordered looks similar to armster and it not a lot of money to lose if it goes tits up
is great.... couldn't do without it now. The one you've got looks better because it's a third of the cost!! Good findSmile
Adam..2003..1.9D..LX..Silver Crew Cab Van.....
If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.
I have received the armrest today, it actually got delivered last week but i was at work so i picked it up from royal mail today.

First impressions when opening parcel wasnt very good if i to be honest as the box was damaged but that could be down to royal mail, when i removed the armrest from the box and its packaging i thought mmm it looks a bit plasticky but for £21.49 delivered i thought its worth a shot and seemed sturdy enough.

It comes with height adjustable stand and screws with the instructions printed on the side of the box. One thing to mention is not all of the screws was included but i have thousands of them lying around in the shed.

I wasnt going to fit it today as i not had much time but i ended up putting the little one to bed and thought sod it i will fit it now while i got some time and to be honest fitting was really easy, i slid both front seats forward and placed it into position then marked the four holes and drilled a little pilot hole in each and fixed it with 4 self tapping screws which were included.

Once it was installed the doubts that i had were gone and actually thought its not bad at all for the money, at the end of day its a berlingo and they dont have the best quality interior as it is but the armrest really does look at home now and creates a good bit of extra storage.

I have taken some pictures on my phone so they are not the best quality and it was also dark but i will post them up asap to give you all a rough idea to how it looks.
These are the Pics as promised of the Armrest off Ebay, Let me know what you think and i would recommend but as i said earlier it is a little plasticky but for the money you cant go wrong at all

[Image: 39b38.jpg]

[Image: 2mww808.jpg]

[Image: bg7ye.jpg]

[Image: 2rfzjad.jpg]

[Image: 2eeh4xx.jpg]

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