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Replacing Radiator
Hi Folks,
Following discussion on another thread it looks like I may be replacing the radiator on my 02 1.4 Multispace. I had a devil of a job last year when I changed the antifreeze replacing the bottom hose which has the "quick fit" :brickwall: hose connection. Ended up removing inner wheel arch liner to get to it!
Does any one have any tips/advice to make it easier?
Ex 1.4 Berlingo Multispace
Er... Remove the wheelarch liner in anticipation?

Hose dissembly is probably common as bumper removal; a little "pre work" like this is pretty much par for the course. I'm presuming the thermostat is both recent and verified working?
Hi Addo,
Yes, thermostat and coolant changed last year. It was just so hard to "push" the bottom hose back in I was wondering if there was a nack to it!
Ex 1.4 Berlingo Multispace
We use Vaseline quite generously for that sort of thing; a synthetic grease like Cu800 or castor oil based grease may theoretically be less harmful when in contact with the rubber, but never had one fail.

Same on the heater hose O-rings at your bulkhead; a little lubing up makes the job a doddle.
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Vegetable oil, cheapy supermarket stuff, is most suitable on such components. Any mineral-oil derived product may be detrimental and rot rubber products..
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
A little spray silicone works for me. Doesn't attack rubber.
No spray silicone?? Cheap spray furniture polish....almost the same.
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just thinking aloud.. havnt been out to look ... can you disconect the hoses at the other end and remove / refit rad with hoses attached
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The lower one isn't really practical to do this way - rear connection is even less accessible when not on a hoist.
(06-01-2013, 07:52 PM)ricc Wrote:  just thinking aloud.. havnt been out to look ... can you disconect the hoses at the other end and remove / refit rad with hoses attached
Hi, Like you're alternative approach but had thought of that but like Addo says it's a nightmare to get to (hope I never have to renew it!)
I'm just after a way the "professionals" have to push the pipe back in to the rad connection. A so called "quick fit" connection!
Griff :wave:
Ex 1.4 Berlingo Multispace
The only hint I can offer as a semi-professional, is some cars (this is a generalisation) you don't fix off the radiator before fitting up the hoses; this gives you room to bully it about a little and wrestle with clamps/clips. Also do the bottom one first, this way you have the most manoevrability.

On earlier (XU) series motors the back outlet housing is crappy ten-year plastic and changing it in situ with the offside driveshaft still fitted is a right mongrel.

Australia is a real gift in that we don't get massive corrosion unless the car's lived beachside. If the job starts to get stroppy on you, it's often a quicker approach to whip off the whole front than take the "Right said Fred" option of forced, piece-by-piece unbolting...

[Image: frontoffsml.jpg]
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