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Input Shaft Bearing Change
Hey all.

I need to change the ISB for my 1.9 van as it whistles when the clutch isn't depressed and I can now smell burning plastic after 5 mins of running. Do I have to (what is easier?) remove the whole engine, drop or lift the gearbox and/or clutch?

I'm fairly good around mechanical jobs but have never done this.

Any tips, videos or help will be much appreciated.

You should be able to get the 'box out the bottom, leaving your engine in place with a prop under it to avoid tearing the lateral restraining bushes. Remove the speedo sender, heatshield and crank sensor early in the piece before you overlook them.
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Great advice addo.

Am I right in thinking the ISB has plastic parts that could cause the burning smell?
If it's the clutch release bearing you mean it is probably in a plastic carrier on the shaft. I haven't done a Berlingo (yet) but some front wheel drive cars you can split the engine and box enough to get at the clutch without removing the gearbox by dropping the bottom ball joint out and pulling the gearbox clear with the driveshaft loose. You need to support the engine and the description is a bit simplified but once you start you can see what needs removing.
So where does this bit go then ?
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Hi Lou, I'm changing mine over the weekend as i change clutch at same time, mine was grinding , thought it was a wheel bearing at first.
I put van on ramps and stands and took gearbox out of bottom, bit of a stuggle with n/s driveshaft bearing but only because i didnt realise how it was fitted. needed 35mm deep socket (£10) and a long breaker bar + 5 foot of steel tube to remove hub nuts.
Not beyond the ability of someone handy, I'm a wood mechanic by trade(carpenter) so how hard could it be? hope the photos give you some ideas.


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Wow you guys are a great help!
Do I need to support the engine whilst the gearbox is off or can it hold itself?

Terry, I'm assuming the n/s driveshaft doesn't just pop out? Thanks man.
Morning Blingonoob, struggling with mine as we speak,
The nearside driveshaft came out ok once the bearing bolts are aligned correctly to release it, I took off bottom engine mount with gearbox mount still connected so that i could see what i was doing.
Put it back on once shaft is removed and engine will support on 2 mounts when gearbox is out (no support needed), supported gearbox on trolley jack and wood blocks and lower out.

Now changing clutch fork as counldn't get arm off to turn fork out of way so i could replace input shaft sleeve
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It's worth putting a prop of some sort under the remaining motor's sump, as the eye bush to the rear (which the offside driveshaft centre bearing shares a housing with) can tear easily. Replacing the bush either requires some fancy kit in-situ or removal of the driveshaft; both are more trouble than propping under the sump.
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Whilst attempting to remove the clutch cable from the arm that goes into the gearbox, I noticed I can lift the clutch arm directly up and down out of the 'box about half an inch. Is this normal?

Also I've just found 2 small (bb/ half a pea) bearings on the floor under the gearbox :/

Any exploded views of a gearbox? I have a 1.9 diesel 2000

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