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rear interior light
Hi all,

1.9d van 96 plate. before BSI etc.

Having problems with my rear interior light . Not working at all. I'm getting power to it but still no joy , I think its the earth wiring somewhere. Have found and repaired the connector block behind the drivers seat , checked both earth points ie o/s front pillar, o/s rear light. The nearside door switch is not working but I dont think it'll have any effect on it

The front light works ok with the door and on switch.

Has anyone got a wiring diagram for the interior lights. ? (Rustscrats mabye)

cant you run a temp earth to it to get it working, if you say you got power to it i presume you have tested it with a mulimeter of some kind
Hear you go. If the front is working ok, it probably is something to do with the earth connection on the back O/S light cluster (MC66).
Are you sure the lamp is ok.
3020 is the rear light.

[Image: 2hrfh3k.png]
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Yes, tested it with a mulimeter and tried an earth but the front light came on dimmly. The readings varied from 1.2 volts to 7.4 and 12.4 depending where the switch position was and if the front door was open.


I was wondering if the front and back lamp had the same connections. Tried swapping them over but no difference.

Thanks Rustscrat,
I'll have a look again at the rear lamp cluster earth. I did notice it had a tow bar fitted at one time as the wires have been cut and reconnected , now I wonder if they are where they should be?. I'll wait until the sleet and snow stop
Thanks for the diagram
I a bit lost now, so if you put an earth to the rear light it makes the front light come on dimly, does the front light work as it should when no earth is applied to rear light
That sounds like a dodgy earth connection somewhere....Check that the rear light earth connection is actually OK
that is zero ohms to the chassis.
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(13-01-2013, 05:22 PM)BerlingoHDI Wrote:  I a bit lost now, so if you put an earth to the rear light it makes the front light come on dimly, does the front light work as it should when no earth is applied to rear light

Hi BerlingoHDI
you are not the only one lost!. Confusedcratch:

The front one works OK.

Hi Ol'jeffers
I'm going to check the earth at the lamp cluster when it stops sleeting but as it is dark now I'll leave it until tomorrow.
I'll remake the connetions at the corroded block behind the drivers door just in case I balled it up as two wires were just hanging.

Changed bulb in case the bulb was 24v but no difference.
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Good luck with it anyway and as others have said just check the earthing points again
Got a result to my rear interior light problem. Did'nt find the cause but I got round it by cutting the wires to the rear light and splicing a twin cable from the front light wires behind plastic cover beside the windscreen to the rear light and bypassing the problem.

Very strange that sometimes after testing everything it would work the first time I tried it and after that the voltage would drop to 7.4v and next time it would be 1.2v. I came to the conclusion it is something behind the dash/fusebox so it can stay there. Confusedcratch:

I wonder if the lights on warning buzzer had something to do with it.
Not sure if '96 van does this, but later ones do...
The interior lights will dim and then switch off (perhaps with a very low residual voltage) after 5 - 10 mins even if the doors are left open.
So if you are testing, then fiddling, then testing again minutes later, this could explain the voltage drop?
If you are testing the voltage after 10 mins there will be zero volts (or the 1.2v you mention) if the doors have been left open. Possibly.
Just a thought.... Confusedcratch:
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