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1.6HDi No Power (Turbo?)
Overnight the Blingo went from an OK 1.6HDi to a gutless beast with a 0-35 measured with a calendar with the pedal on the floor?
Checked the waste gate operation and it moves ~6mm when the engine is started. Confusedcratch:
Read the faults with Lexia3 - all ok.
Checked both EGR operations with Lexia3 - ok.
Checked Turbo Vacuum solenoid with Lexia3 - could not hear it?
Checked vacuum at pump - >20"Hg (old style gauge @ tick over).
Vacuum at waste gate ~20"Hg at tick over dropping to <10"Hg at ~2k RPM - this looks backward to me? Confusedcratch:
I expected the waste gate to be held closed by the spring in the actuator and opened by the vacuum as required (pulsed by the solenoid >1800 rpm).
Final test - disconnected the waste gate vacuum pipe and plugged the end (actuator open to air).
Test drive showed power restored, so I suspect a duff Turbo Control solenoid?
Can someone please confirm how the waste gate should operate before I commit to a new solenoid? Confusedalut:
My thought of the waste gate is to release the surplus pressure at high engine speed. Mine's sprung shut (quite hard) with the vacuum unit, engine not running. :thumbsup:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
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(13-01-2013, 06:01 PM)Rustscrat Wrote:  My thought of the waste gate is to release the surplus pressure at high engine speed. Mine's sprung shut (quite hard) with the vacuum unit, engine not running. :thumbsup:

That's my understanding of what should happen.
Mine's quite stiff against the actuator spring but full vacuum opens it wide no problem.
When I start up the actuator pulls in at tick-over and I think opens the gate wide?
I have disconnected the vacuum and the gate stays shut (I think) as the car seems to have turbo back. Wink
Need to be careful with the revs running like that, don't want to over-boost and blow something! :eek:
Have seen other threads where EGR problems or split hoses give these symptoms but I have no fault codes or smoke and the EGR tests out ok on Lexia3 and the hoses are sound. Confusedcratch:

There is a third pipe connected to the turbo control solenoid - is this some sort of feedback from the boost side to control the modulation of the waste gate actuator?
Not much info about on how the Citroen set-up is configured or how it works? Got the diagram from the Citroen site with part no's.
Any more info would be useful. Confusedalut:
Think the third pipe is just an exhaust for the solenoid, it just has a little top hat thingy at the end of the short pipe.
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Just dug this out for the DW10. Think I'm getting mixed up with the EGR valve. Confusedillyme:
Have a read, might shed some light. Confusedalut:

.pdf   DW10 air supply info- sid801.pdf (Size: 131.27 KB / Downloads: 69)
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
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(14-01-2013, 01:32 PM)Rustscrat Wrote:  Just dug this out for the DW10. Think I'm getting mixed up with the EGR valve. Confusedillyme:
Have a read, might shed some light. Confusedalut:

Ordered a solenoid £55 - had better work! :eek:
After a bit more searching found that;
The turbo in the 1.6HDi is a version of the Mitsubishi TD025S2-06T4 - this model also used on Ford, Volvo, Mini and various others using PSA 1.6HDi variants.
Some TD025S2's are regulated via boost pressure feedback (like the DW10), others via vacuum. Seems that there may be both wastegate open or closed by vacuum types out there. Confusedcratch:
Found this link -
It's a Borg Warner explanation of how it works - mine looks like a vacuum set up with a bypass (wastegate) that is sprung shut and proportionally opened by the vacuum under ECU control.
Mine runs better with the vacuum off at the mo' - I'll let you know if it solves the problem with a new solenoid. Confusedalut:
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Fitted the new solenoid this morning (snow has finally gone!) and the turbo seems back to normal with the vacuum reconnected. :lol:
The solenoid I removed tests ok across the coil (15 ohms) but there is a permanent air path between the two pipes at the vacuum end - effect = vacuum always on. The solenoid must be sticking open - will investigate that sometime. Confusedcratch:
Also cleaned the vacuum vent filter - larger pipe from solenoid - filter is situated under the engine cover between injectors 2 & 3. I have a bit of muck around the injectors in that area and I got a fair bit of muck out of the foam filter using white spirit tho' it wasn't blocked. (It's done >100k tho')
The cylidrical plastic end with the sponge inside pulls off the end of the plastic pipe if you persevere.
If this gets blocked the vacuum cannot vent and can also produce the effect of vacuum to the turbo when you don't want it.
Thanks again to those who offered gems of wisdom - fault solved. :woop:
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My car has a similar issue with the Turbo which seems to be a valve issue, do you have any pictures of the location of these valves?
See my last post re the turbo solenoid valve.
To find the valve just follow the vent pipe from the top of the engine, it is on the driver's side at the back of the block, quite low down. You can reach it whilst standing at the front of the van.
In your case the solenoid that controls waste gate is open all the time.
That is your problem. That solenoid opens ONLY when the
air pressure created by turbo is over the limit.
When the solenoid is opened vacuum is applied to waste gate
actuator and it pulls the leveler and the gate releasing the
build up air pressure.
There is option in lexia to test that solenoid. If you can't hear it
clicking than it needs to be replaced.
On mk2 solenoid is just above oil filter. You have to remove
all the turbo hoses to get to it.

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