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Hi, Sorry to be a new user and post with a problem immediately but.......

I have a Mk2 Blingo 2.0 HDI 2003, I have had it from 6 months old (ex demo) from main dealer and in the main it has been great.

I have had two problems with the wipers stopping, both fixed I believe by a new com 2000 unit.

Well the wiper have gone again, but a replacement com 2000 unit did not solve the problem this time this time.

Having invested in Leixa3 / PP2000 to repair my wife's 307 after a lightening strike (I succeeded where an auto spark and a main dealer failed) I have run a diagnostic on the Blingo.

Com 2000 no faults and I can see the instruction from the wiper stalk.

BSI no faults however I can not activate the wipers from the Computer, this may be for another reason as I can not activate the indicators this way either and there is no fault with these.

I have had the wiper motor off and it seems to be fine ( in fact it is hard wired at the moment so I can use the van).

This leaves the BSM, I have fitted a spare one off a Petrol 307, which seems to work to the same extent as the original, i.e. everything except the wipers work.

So what next... the BSM does not click when the wipers are called for, so is this a BSI or a BSM problem?

The Lexia problem I have seems to be that despite entering the correct vin number (it does not auto detect like PP did with my 307) and the RPO number it seems to think that the vehicle does not math the info provided, is this common with lexia??

And Help gratefully received.

Have you tried puting 12v through the motor to see if it's working ? There could be a fault on the motor.
So where does this bit go then ?
Hi T20c, you said :-
"I have had the wiper motor off and it seems to be fine ( in fact it is hard wired at the moment so I can use the van)."

I assume that the motor is working when hard wired?.
If so is the parking switch working ok. The mechanical switches can stick and give the impression the motor is duff. Dont know if yours is mechanical or not though.
".....I have had the wiper motor off and it seems to be fine ( in fact it is hard wired at the moment so I can use the van)......"
It seems that he has ffrenchie. So what else is in the circuitry that enables the wipers?
We know that their operation is controlled by the BSI.....and I think that I would be looking for a faulty
relay or similar (triac if switched electronically) but for this a full circuit diagram or flow chart is necessary.
As we have seen on several issues in the past, throwing parts at a fault is time consuming and expensive.
LOL Brodfather beat me to it!!
[fon‌t=Tahoma, Calibri, Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif]The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool [/font]
Hi Guys.

I have sort of fixed it. I had put a different com2000 unit when the problem first occurred, this is the unit which I got the test info from, I.e. Lexia could see the signal being sent from the switch.

I did some digging and found a post for a com 2000 reset procedure, having tested for a positive at the bsm when the switch was activated (and not got one) I decided to try the re set as the bsi had diagnosed as ok.

Low and behold working wipers!

Now all I need to do is try the original com2000 unit to see if this actually has a fault, having now proved everything else.

Will keep you posted, Thanks for the interest.

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