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egr and intake cleaning
Has anyone had a go off cleaning the egr and intake. Do they get much blocked up. I know transits are dire for it.

I done a decat two weeks ago and seem to be better power and torque. And went from 36 to 45 mpg

Aiming to do everything I can to improve mpg. Someone mentioned cleaning the maf sensor too
depending on mileage you could remove the egr and clean it - would not be tempted to use the spay products that you spray into the inlet.

dont think the citroen hdi's get as sluged up as the ford dti engine as you say they are very bad.
no i wouldnt go for the spray.

one how would that clean the actual egr.

and 2 i couldnt see it giving the intake a proper clean. like it might do a good job on the first 2 cylinders part but i couldnt see it doing much for the far part of the manifold.

and 3 if its that strong it breaks of that thick sludge rapidly what is it going to do to everything else
When i blanked my egr i took it and the intake manifold off, the build up of sludge was shocking! I tried carb cleaner etc but in the end the petrol and an old tooth brush worked the best.
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how long did it take to get the intake off. looks to be alot of bits attached to it
(21-01-2013, 10:17 AM)corkgsxr Wrote:  how long did it take to get the intake off. looks to be alot of bits attached to it

By intake i mean the plastic part on top, its not to difficult to take off, 4 bolts on the manifold and the egr bits and connectors. i followed my nose for most of it and referred to the Haynes man when i got stuck.
Did mine a while ago on my 1.9D 2000 van, took off cast intake manifold as well as it was dire, main stress was getting the egr pipe off of exhaust connection it used hex drive and were well trashed ended with cutting off heads and using stud remover.
mine was so bad i sprayed with degreaser (hyper clean) and used petrol and paintbrush and toothbrush and chunk of rag on a strong cord to clean inside intake manifold. a final coat of degreaser and a jet wash.
It ran a bit lumpy untill it had a good run, now it runs much much better than before more power more acceleration and i think better mpg
Very messy but worth it in my case
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part one completed anyway. egr and cooler cleaned. not a bad a job as i thought.

not that dirty either but i split the electronic part from the body of it. one concern of mine was it seemed very hard to split.

i think it could have been stuck in a partially open position. as the body part has to move to allow the electronic part to come out. went back very easy after cleaning and the mechanism on the electronic part seemed to move fine.

any thoughts on this.

intake next
Can someone check for me. After a 10 min drive round urban areas is the egr pipe that goes into the manifold hot to the touch?

Not warm but hot you could keep your hand on it if ya had to but its hot.

Just want to make sure the solinoid is working and its not staying open
(23-01-2013, 10:35 AM)corkgsxr Wrote:  After a 10 min drive round urban areas is the egr pipe that goes into the manifold hot to the touch?

................. Yes,,,,,,,,,,normal ...............

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