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Drivers window wont go up
Hi Guys, new to site so apologies if you've already covered this but...
I have a Berlingo M space desire 2004 1.6 petrol
Last night the window went down but will not go back up.
I have checked fuses and they seem ok, there is no noise coming from the door window area but a clicking coming from the fuse pannel under the steering column.
The passenger side is working fine.
Is this a relay fault? If so how do I fix?
Any thoughts much appreciated, Liam.
It's well possible one of the plastic window clips that lift the glass, has broken or cracked.

They're cheap enough to buy as a pair new from Fleabay, or you can splash out on a whole repair kit. Often the reel which the window's operating cables wind on/off from, is damaged when the clips break - this piece is serviced by the kits I mentioned.

The window mechanism is beautifully simple; once you have the door trim off and mirror away pull off the inner felt rubbing strip against the glass, then peel away the combination outer weatherstrip/glass run channel. With the door waterseal removed you can see how to disengage the clips, tilt the glass forwards and lift out - then remove the lifter mechanism.
Thanks for your reply Addo,
I will have a look at the mechanism as soon as it's stopped snowing! Having read earlier threads, I believed that if it was a mechanical fault you would hear whirring or grinding noises coming from the door? as I mentioned earlier, the only sound is a relay type clicking sound coming from the controller/ fuse box area.
Cheers, Liam.
Hi Addo, I have the pannel off and there does n't seem to be anything wrong mechanicaly. Do you know which fuse controls the drivers window? There are fuses under the hood and some under the control column. There is a clicking noise coming from the pannel under the control column.
Any help much appreciated. Liam.
See my post in your other thread, Liam!

One fuse protects both windows so mebbe you do have a problem
with the motor (brushes?) or wiring.
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