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Wiper Arms
Hi all,

Can anyone tell me how to remove the window wiper arms, do I need a wiper puller tool or is there some other way of getting them off. They seem to be push on type but will not budge when I wiggle them and there is no nut locking them down.

Thank you.
According to my Haynes manual, you'll need to remove the spindle nut cover, remove the spindle nut, then give the wiper arm a good yank. Though it does mention that you may need a puller if it's too tightly stuck.
For your information, my manual is for a Mk.II Berlingo.
I had to use a small 3 legged puller.

Couldn't shift them without it
@ Rogalicious thanks but my Berlingo is MkI and I'm not sure if its the same method to remove them as MkII plus I have the 'Haynes Bible' which says to just pull them off but when I try they do not budge.

@ Coco I think your right, I'm in Oz and when I went to my local tools shop they haven't heard of a wiper puller, I'm thinking of using a battery terminal puller instead. Would that work? Is your puller the type with two legs on the bottom and one that you have to screw down? Amazon sell wiper pullers is that the type I need? I have a picture but I'm not sure how to post it on here.

@ Coco

Would it be possible for you to up-load a picture of the tool you used so I know which one to buy. Thanks.
Yes, I'll do it tomorrow
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Unless the car is in a coastal area or has been caustic washed, it's not going to be corroded onto the shaft taper in Australia. It's just too dry here for that sort of metallic disarray.

My method is to fold the wiper arm back on its stub (ie; to the 90° window cleaning position) and grasp the stub with both hands - one beside the shaft, one at the arm hinge and wiggle the bâtard loose.

When refitting, there is a small alignment mark for the passenger side wiper on the windscreen edge - look for three clear "dots" in the black bonded edge of the screen. Set this wiper first, then align the second arm so it's tip is the same distance above the screen lower edge plastic trim.
Any small two leg puller can be used but you can usually get away with folding the arm up and rocking the base while you pull at the same time. If it's something you think you will need to do often put some copaslip grease on the spline when you assemble. There is a heavy duty one on Amazon.

[Image: 31Pp4dm6hmL._SL500_AA300_.jpg]
So where does this bit go then ?
In England the likes of Machine Mart sell a puller designed for windscreen wiper arms.

Wipers Arms.
Where you sit in the corner all night nursing half a bitter and a packet of horse scratchings.
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(26-01-2013, 12:41 PM)evdama Wrote:  Wipers Arms.
Where you sit in the corner all night nursing half a bitter and a packet of horse scratchings.

Is that near the "Ring of Feathers" ???
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