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Hello and Rear disc help
Been lurking about on here for while know and the site has been a good sorce of info so far and was hoping for any input or tips on my job for tomorrow.
Have had a couple of problems already with my 09/59 850lx 90hp van which ive owned for approx 6-7 months.

Clutch release bearing fell to bits within a week of owning it thankfully the garage i bought it from sorted this needed new release bearing,clutch & flywheel.

Then just after new year had antipolution come up on the display replaced fuel filter and fuel rail sensor sorted that out which was a lovely job to do when it was snowing

now onto the job for tomorrow to cut a long story short local tyre place has cross threaded two rear wheel nuts which has nakered the threads in the disc's so tomorrow ive got new disc's and pads to fit and this is where im after some info. Ive done plenty of disc's & pads before but ive never come across this type of disc that has the bearing built into the back of it it all looks pretty straight forward to do but just thought id ask if the is anything that i should be aware of before making a start tomorrow

Thanks in advance

Straight forward enough, as long as you have a big bar and socket for the bearing hub nut.
Watch out when you undo the caliper mounting bracket, it is secured by two Torx headed bolts, which get tighter as they undo, and it is very easy to damage the head of the bolt so the tool slips.
Thanks for the info had a crack at it this morning even though i wasnt in the mood for it
Started of ok then snaped two torx's bits drew blood :censored: so took it to the garage for them to do
Is there any reason for the torq bolts to tighten when undoing? This might be a case of some preventative maintenance e.g. greasing/lubricating the bolts if possible. Any ideas?
Bought my t55 torx bit from halfords (professional range)
free exchange as guaranteed for life, Replaced twice so far!
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(05-02-2013, 02:30 PM)Jim7 Wrote:  Is there any reason for the torq bolts to tighten when undoing? This might be a case of some preventative maintenance e.g. greasing/lubricating the bolts if possible. Any ideas?

Not to sure as the end of the bolt isn't expossed when in so its not like you get a build up of rust on the end of the bolt.
And there is no way of greasing etc to prevent it.

Would be so much easier had it of been a regular bolt just think them torx head bolts are a pain in the arse
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