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Recon 1.9 motor won't fire
Hi all, I'm new on here, new to the way of the Berlingo and things haven't started off well!

I've just swapped my dead 1.9 engine for a recon engine and everything went together fine except when I eventually turned the key and it wouldn't fire. I've checked everything I can think of, bled fuel pump, replaced glow plugs etc. There is no compression or at least the engine's not sucking air in when I put my hand on the inlet.
My questions are;
What might the cause be or what have I missed, assuming the engine is as good as its guarantee?
And would there be any electronic/ECU issues with switching the engine? ECU not talking to something it doesn't recognise?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Did you check the timing belt before you swapped engines?. The belt turns the camshaft which opens and closes the valves, if its not turning it wont suck air in/ have compression. But you bled the injector fuel pump didnt you ? It is also turned by the belt.
As for electronic /ecu issues it depends on the age/type of the engine. The early engines 1.9s didnt have electronic control until about 2002 (?)
Let us know age of old and new engines .
Thanks for the reply. I did a visual check of the timing belt before fitting but that's all. As ever it was guaranteed from the supplier as working. I don't have the kit to check the tension so couldn't do more.

I've bled the fuel pump about four times now thinking I hadn't done it properly the previous time!

The van was first registered in early 2002. Just trying to work out how to know the age of the new motor...
Can the age be decided by the engine no?
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