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Wipers not working properly and smoking on startup
Hi all new to the forums, two problems I have

The berlingo is a w reg 1.9d

First problem is the wipers. First two settings don't work but the fastest does. Now I'm starting to loose that as well, I have to hold the stalk as far up as it can go to make it work then sometimes I carrys on working. Have occasionally had it when I've dropped from the fastest to the next setting down where it works for 5-10 minutes then just stops where ever the wiper is on the screen. Any ideas what this could be?

Second is kind of a problem but nothing major. When I start the engine from cold I have to hold my foot on the accelerator for about ten seconds. The engine starts but while I'm holding my foot down I get no revs at all then it gradually chugs to life and plumes quite a bit of clean white smoke out the back. Any ideas? No major drama as it runs fine still

Any help on the wipers would be appreciated though!
Without seeing the car I suspect the wiper stalk/switch.The starting sounds like glow plug(s) or timer.good luck & welcome to the forum.
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I think your engine has a cold start cable to the injection pump have a look to see if it is operating properly they are known to seize. Also could be some of the glowplugs failed or glowplug relay not working correctly. Have a search on the forum. High mileage 1.9 suffer from poor starting issues due to incorrect valve clearances
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How much would I be looking at to replace a stalk for the wipers? And how tricky is it for a stalk replacement?

As for the smoke ill have a look at the plugs on the next service I do on her. She's done just over 150k so I can't really complain. Can count on one hand how may times she's not started on me but every time she has within about ten minutes of faffing around
A W reg should have separate wiper stalk - remove shroud, then steering wheel, unscrew two T10 head screws, unplug connectors and wangle the old switch out. As Haynes says, RITROR. I'd point you at the Polish fleabayers for a cheap new stalk - £20-ish.

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