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Anyone had any success claiming for pothole damage?
Managed to hit one late last night.
Took van to garage this morning and they had it on the ramp and checked suspension etc., all appears fine.
Got a lovely 'egg' on my tyre and they suggest getting the tracking checked when I have a tyre fitted later today.
Have reported the pothole to the council and been back to take photos. Also taken photo of my egg.
Would post pics on here but TinyPic not working, will try later.
Anyone think its worth making a claim for a new tyre from the council?
Or would I be wasting my time?

[Image: t8afix.jpg]
[Image: 2qs32b6.jpg]
[Image: 2i7pkp1.jpg]
[Image: sdmve1.jpg]
I've tried (unsuccessfully) to claim before. It tends to come down to checking the maintenance and inspection records of the council. They are supposed to undertake regular inspections and also to respond to reports of damage within certain time frames. If they fail to do these, then it is possible to get compensation.

I used the website Pepipoo which explains how to go about it.

Basically, it involved months of letters back and forth, Freedom of Information requests, and in the end I gave up. I have a feeling that Councils are well prepared for these sort of claims, and have a highly sophisticated bullshit and bluster department designed to drive you mad.
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Thats quite a good pothole.
Ive never known anyone to claim from a council regarding potholes.
(11-02-2013, 04:24 PM)philip Wrote:  Thats quite a good pothole.
Ive never known anyone to claim from a council regarding potholes.

Ive lost wheel trims twice in the last 3 months because of our local ones
But the worst damage I had was in a Mk4 Astra when a loose cats eye (STFU taxi) was flicked up by its front whhel and it punched a hole into the rear tyre/rim.Council didnt want to know.
Can you not lodge a petty courts claim against them for such damage? That would cost them more than a tyre to defend.
Nice XC90 in the photo.
Judging by the XC90, Philip, he will cope better than I did with that pesky pot-hole. Confusedillyme:
Looks like a crater! Heard on the radio today that a pot hole on the M11 nearly caused a pile up, damaging several vehicles. It's easy to believe that road tax doesn't actually go towards road maintenance at all :brickwall:
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I returned to a street in Walsall today where I was working 4 months ago , the tarmac is unrecognisable today from my previous visit :eek: I was weaving like an F1 driver warming up tyres trying to avoid many serious potholes untill the inevitable thwack ! It was like hitting a curb ! Tyre still inflated , no rim damage but what a clunk ! and what suspension part has been distressed and by how much ? I'm going for the nearside tomorrow to even things up Confusedillyme:
There's a lot of decent holes around here, we had a prolonged wet spell (approx 18 months) and the "pumping" action brought liquefied fine clay up through the crushed road base - now the roads weep clay silt and the whole surface down to coarse rock will shed without much provocation.

Unless your local courts (small claims) specifically exclude such items I would suggest one letter only to the Council, advising that an unsatisfactory settlement would lead to a small claims process without further warning. Provided you claim like-for-like (eg, the replacement cost of installing an equivalent part worn by brand and production year) it's a reasonable claim and the defendant normally has to prove why a reasonable person would make such a claim without genuine grounds.

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