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Have you ever seen an Air Filter this bad?
Confusedcratch: Oh deary me..

[Image: 4ux7k9.jpg]
It is a tad grubby!!!!
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
Thanks to the previous owner..What i dont understand is, that when i fitted a new one, the performance got worse..wont rev over 2000rpm, like its being restricted?
It's got used to being strangled, you'll have to wean it by using gradually cleaner filters or it will go cold turkey Big Grin Sorry not to be constructive but I would look at the MAF sensor now you've swapped the filter.
So where does this bit go then ?
I thought something like that myself, ive had the MAF off and cleaned it using MAF cleaner. After reading on here i thought it would work, but no, still the same, maybe its a faulty MAF and now it has a better flow of air its causing this? The air filter housing wasnt secured properly either, the pipe leading from the front of the van wasnt meeting it so it was sucking air from the bottom of the van.

so should i put the dirty filter back in to see what happens?
MIL light on?

Do you know someone with a code reader?

Try starting it then switching off, removing the key and waiting thirty seconds then restart. Repeat this 5 times
Update: After reading till late last night, i read that the EGR valve sticking can cause the symptoms I have, so i had a nosey this morning before going to the garage, now is this the EGR solenoid ive shown on the pic? Does this control the valve? Well anyway, i disconnected the right hand side pipe as you can see on the pic as a last resort and straight away you heard the engine lift a little, tried revving it and hey presto! POWER! I then put it back on, it returned to very low revs when applying the throttle..I still took it to my cousins garage and he said just leave it off..The engine management light hasnt come on and the van seems to be running really smooth, better than ever..Is this ok to do? Would there be any long term consequences? Im thrilled that it hasnt cost me anything up to now, just a tie wrap to hold the pipe in place, should i just pop a new solenoid in there to be safe??

[Image: 2iurg9w.jpg]
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Pulled one out of my multispace in a very similar condition, the airbox was also full of rotten foliage, oil and various dead wildlife... I think the previous owner was trying to make his own petrol in there! :S

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