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Heater just stopped working?
This little van will be the death of me :brickwall: .... yesterday morning the heater worked fine ... turn on the blower and away it went. Last night, went to pick the wife up and it wouldn't work!
I've checked the fuses (I think!) the diagram that I have does not appear to bear any relation to the fuses box fitted! and could not find one thats blowen, although it was getting dark so I need to do that again. Any other thoughs or suggestions, it just doesn't work at all. No like the other thread I've read on here about it working at setting four.
Any help would be brilliant, it's going to be a cold and misted up journey this morning ...
Are you saying the blower didn't blow, or the air blowing out was cold?
Blower not blowing ... if I put my hand over the screen vents you can feel warmth coming through ... just no noise from the blower .....
However, after a difficult trip to work this morning, a quick attempt look at lunchtime in the works car park, half way home tonight it suddenly sprang back in to life.... something loose somewhere I think.... but where the hell to look !!! Didn't work straight after my fiddle at dinner time .... so lost for an real idea.
The controller module is on its way out. They're easy to get in a variety of replacement quantities and price ranges. What year and does it have A/C?
It's a 51 plated 2001

Oh... No air con
I'm having the same issue (I think) with a berlingo I just bought.... blowers not blowing, theres just a tick when I turn the left hand dial left or right, so can't tell if any of it's working. Sad

(Fully) Left or right.
Mine started to work again a couple of days later, I think my fault lies in the control module, going to buy one and swap it out anyway
The brushes wear, too - when this happens it draws excess current and the module roasts.
(10-05-2013, 06:16 AM)dec913scuba Wrote:  Mine started to work again a couple of days later, I think my fault lies in the control module, going to buy one and swap it out anyway

When yours went, did the blower stop working altogether?
Yeah, nothing! And it's was a frozen ice night so getting home from work was fun!

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