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im undecided.
last november my discovery died in a shower of rust on the mot ramp. i bought an 02 1.9 berlingo to replace it.. im running a lwb transit aswel. month or so ago the wifes picasso 2.0 hdi had to go into the garage with the engine management light on ....long story short mrs borrowed the berlingo and wont let me have it back. the picasso has had replacement injectors and other sensors and stillthe light has a mind of its own .... car will be ok for a week , then light comes on and it wont rev. fiddling with wires and fuses seems to make it go and next morning the light stays off .
bottom line is i dont really like the car... two a pillars makes a massive blind spot... the dash top reflects in the windscreen .... in sunlight the digital dash is too dim to see easily...needs half hour with the manual to work out which buttons to press to set the trip meter..... theres no key hole in the tailgate...means you have to walk round to a front door every time you want summit out the boot... and the tailgate was designed for short people you have to give it a push to raise it the last six inches.... forgrt and you get blood when you come back for the second lot of shopping bags.

do i buy a 2nd berlingo.? most of the other mpvs seem to have sloping screens that presumably will give the same dash reflection problems. but i want a tallish "estate" car.
kangoo, synergy or galaxy seem to be the other candidates . mpg and diy sevice and cost of bits are considerations
If I was you I'd get a second Berlingo, my wife and I have recently bought a 1.6, 16 valve petrol Multispace to go along with my 1.9 diesel one. It works out brilliantly, I get to use mine whenever I want because my wife doesn't nick it all the time and I get to drive the newer 1.6 quite a bit too. A perfect solution in my book.
get yourself a 2.0hdi much better performance and better on the fuel im getting 45mpg with no prob. i use to have a ford galaxy an although i realy liked it i couldnt better 25 mpg so she had to go!.
Being the discerning chap you have proved to be by buying 1,don't spoil the impression by buying something inferior.
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It depends if the car would be used for any longer trips - on a motorway run they are a bit "raw" simply due to the chassis design; all soundproofing and NVH reduction is added on rather than engineered in.

I don't know if the "Picasso" is a C4 or XPic, so no idea how much you may have experienced this before. In terms of estate cars, I really rate the last 406s, but they might be out of consideration - good internal space and well insulated from the road.
Get a MK3 Berlingo.

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the picasso is a y reg xsara picasso... probability is we'll end up with a second berlingo , chances are it will be a 1.9d same as the other one , im too old and set in me ways to be impressed by what i see as unnecessary electronics, and i hate spending more than i absolutely have to.

went to look at one the other day...had a 306 1.9 turbo engine in it... went ok but the clutch was very heavy and there was summit drastically wrong with the steering, aa you came out of a corner the wheel seemed to kick back violently as the pressure unloaded...coupled with being a base model with no central locking or leccy windows and very high mileage i left it. probably a new clutch and steering rack would have sorted it mechanically. its on fleabay if anyone wants a project.

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