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Brand new Berlingo steers to left
Hi, just stumbled on this forum and hope I can get some feedback on this issue. I've just taken delivery of my Berlingo and I'm quite alarmed by its tendency to veer left on all but the flattest of roads. The more I drive it, the worse it feels. This is the first time I've bought a brand new vehicle and I expect it to be 100%. I understand that most cars/vans will steer gradually to the left if there's an appreciable road camber, but this is definately excessive and massively detracts from the driving experience, it just doesn't feel set up right.

I had it into the Citroen dealer and though they admitted it does steer to the left they couldn't find anything wrong with it. They told me to get the tracking checked (they didn't do tracking), which I did, but this hasn't made any difference. I've also swapped the front wheels with the backs and the fault's still there. Has anyone else had this experience? What the hell's causing it?
I'd find that dealers response to the problem completely unacceptable. Take it back and tell them to sort it.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP. Persamos green.

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No! Not acceptable. You need to know what is causing this and get it fixed
It will reflect on tyre wear. They admit that they cannot find the problem although
they say the problem exists....doesn't say much about their competency.
Ultimately the vehicle is not of merchantable quality. Phone another main dealer
and make arrangements for them to also check it. Also you may want to phone
Citroen HQ and tell them what you've experienced.
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Don't mess about, if they cannot sort it quickly and easily, reject the vehicle!

They won't like it but it's your right to do so. If you leave it too long or let them mess about trying to fix it they will claim you have "accepted it". CAB wlll help.

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Try swapping the front wheels from left to right(assuming they re not rotational)
I bet you it will cure it Wink
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Try it on a flat car park, does it run straight then?
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If it's on finance, contact the finance company if Citroen don't help.
Former 2011 Mk3 XTR owner Confusedalut:
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Take it back
Im on my second MK3 and they dont do that on any surface.
Take it back and park across the dealers showroom doorway on a saturday morning
Remain polite,but firm and loud
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Citroen dealers are s**t that's my experience. I went back to them with various problems when I first got the car and it was like they never had a clue about anything I asked.
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(25-02-2013, 02:38 PM)evdama Wrote:  Take it back
Im on my second MK3 and they dont do that on any surface.
Take it back and park across the dealers showroom doorway on a saturday morning
Remain polite,but firm and loud

I totally agree.

Why are you playing about with it? It's faulty and the garage has told you they cannot fix it. That's easily good enough grounds to reject it. Was the money you paid for it faulty? If not, send it back and get another one.

Manufacturers (of most things) rely upon people not knowing/ Understanding their rights.

Just out of interest, have a look if there is any overspray anywhere on the car. I used to get a new company car every couple of years so I have had a lot of them. About 20% had a defect (all manufacturers) I once had one that just "felt wrong". To cut a long story short, an engineer (from Ford) eventually established that it had fallen off the transporter! The garage had repaired it (touched it up really) and delivered it to me hoping I would accept it. No wonder it was delivered a week late.

Despite all the company cars, with my own money, I bought a Mk3 XTR 110 Berlingo. A blooming good car.

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