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Radiator drinking about a pint a day!
I have an idea my radiators leaking, but don't see much about a drip a second or a pint a night, seems to be on the left bottom (see pic), Is it worth taking the front off to have a look at the other side, or taking out the radiator or should I just bite the bullet go out and buy a new one? (just sort of hopping it could be something else!) Smile

Don't know if the picture shows much, just that is damp next to the bottom exit pipe.
[Image: 2po8n5h.jpg]
Looks like a new one to me.
I would replace the rad it dont look like its going to get better and its better to replace in a nice dry garage when you want than be towed off when the rad finally lets go.
Are we there yet????? No we fecking ain`t  gggggrrrrrrr
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
Replace the rad & any suspect hoses/clips.Save doing it twice.Don't forget a good quality A/Freeze.
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Thanks for all the support Smile
I think it's time to go shopping! Sad reading the books it does not sound as if I need any special tools, but it does sound like the tubes can be difficult to get off and on!
You have the option of cutting the old hoses to get them off.
With new hoses,a smear of washing up liquid or granule free hand cleaner if you are the professional type.:thumbsup::thumbsup:
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Well I ordered one for tomorrow from the local supplier, I live on the edge and decided to try and reuse the old hoses/pipes, that is if I don't end up having to cut them off! in which case I expect it's going to be a longer day that I first thought!
(full of worry and not looking forward to this! I hope I feel better when the operation is over)
If the hoses are soft & not perished,undo the clips completely & move away from the stubs.GENTLY twist & rock on the stubs.If accesible a small screwdriver gently inserted between hose & stub & wriggled side to side will probably free them from the rad.At the minimum use new clips.Good luck & let us know how you fare.:thumbsup:
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I think his, being '99, will have the wire clip retainers from "Le Bureau des Bâtards".

As he's removing the radiator to scrap it, he can always pull the clips and crush the stubs inwards should every gentle approach not be successful...
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yes it looks like a clip at the bottom, I got a Nissens R10809 / 61326A.
[Image: 5pfotg.jpg]
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