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[Transmission] Judder under load.........
Hey guys, Im running an R reg mk1 600d 1.9 van, Ive always had a slight judder when accelerating through 55-65mph,(for a couple years) so its never really been an issue, but over the last couple weeks this has become progessivley worse, its absolutely fine going up through the juddering at all, it seems to be now when going up a hill or if i floor it on a slight incline. Ive had the ramps out and looked at the engine mounts and given the block a good old shake but have to say the mounts feel pretty solid to me..

Has anyone got suggestions as to what could be the issue ??

Cheers.... Mart.
It certainly sounds like an engine mounting.The only other thing I can think of is oil on the clutch,but that should only show on clutch take up.
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It does have a small oil leak but none was on or anywhere near the clutch housing that i seen whilst it was up on the ramps, the mount under the battery box looks an interesting mission....

thanks... mart.
Nearside mount is a doddle, provided corrosion hasn't locked the nut onto the shaft. Barely two Haynes stars.

That said, I'd point my finger at the clutch.
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Is it possible that this could be something else like a drive shaft,, just that with the clutch Im not getting any slippage, the bite is still the same as its always been, Its got worse again and Ive now taken it off the road.. now my symptoms are obviously the judder going uphill or when the engine is struggling, going through the gears slowly if i hold the gearstick it moves around in an eggshape (as though I had a buckled wheel or similar) and is speed related, Ripping out the gearbox is a pretty big enough job for a van thats only worth around £600/700.
My sympathy with you dilema, suffered similar issues, the big problem is finding a 'known' good gearbox, otherwise you may be doing all that work, (took me, a builder about 7 hours with new clutch) only to find it wasn't the box and the one you just fitted ain't as good as what you took out. plus had to buy new input shaft seal and ep90 gearbox oil.
Not advertising but i have a BE3 gearbox which i can vouch for. I want £120 to cover what i paid for the new rough one i fitted, PM me if your interested.

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