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Coolant System Drain

I own a 2001 Citroen Berlingo van 1.4i petrol, with 165,000km on the clock. After recently inspecting the radiator expansion tank I noticed quite a bit of brown sludge and decided to have a go at flushing the system. I managed to disconnect the radiator bottom hose and flush it through with some rad cleaner and water from a hose. But I am having problems finding the cylinder block drain valve and the other two bleed screws on the heater matrix and thermostat housing. The pictures in the haynes manual I managed to find online are not much help, and I'd like to make sure the whole system is drained before I top up with new red style antifreeze.

If anyone has advice or pics, or could at least tell me what the drain valve looks like I'd greatly appreciate it.


From memory there may not be a bleed screw on the thermostat housing for that model.

At the firewall you'll notice the two 90° connectors taking water into the heater - look for a tyre valve cap screwed onto one elbow. That's your bleed screw there.

On the block, I think (without in front of me) above where you poke in the flywheel timing pin, there is a bolt with 17/18mm head and a crushable washer, that allows draining of the engine coolant.
Thanks for the help addo, managed to locate all the bleed screws on the system, there was one on the thermostat housing as well, unscrewed it with an allen key. However cannot for the life of me find this bolt. I have added a picture to see if I am looking in the right place. I presume that the flywheel and this bolt are located behind the black plastic casing at the top of the pic, or am I just being stupid?

thanks again


[Image: 26237eb.jpg]

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You're looking at the wrong end of the engine.You show the pulleys whereas you want the transmission end.
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
I had a look at mine and it's not as per the diagrams online! The drain screw position I nominated, is undrilled/untapped.

There is a drain screw on the "box" to which the water pump is mounted, down below the alternator.

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