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bushing question
Would the back wishbone bushing looking abit s**t cause much vibration.

Don't notice it vibration unless I go over 110 ish.

Doesn't look that strong anyway.

Thats the only one that looks less than normal.
Yes,it can give the same symptoms as a wheel out of balance.
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
They cause problems before even looking suss to an untrained eye - early failure is fine tears in the rubber that close up when not under load.
9 euro each. The aftermarket ones are far stronger looking than the pieces of elastic std ones. So I decided to do both sides
How does the van feel otherwise, at 110MPH? I'd be afraid to go there.
110 mph.....with a 1.9D I can only dream ...... pass the reefer someone it's my turn .....
na klms.

but it does get very pronounced at 95mph. thats more or less flat out
Ive just done the bushes on both my bottom arms replaced the rear p bushes for alloy ones and both the front bushes for 306 polyurethane items and mines a lot straighter when driving now and doesn't wobble when doing 110 now plus just fitted gmax front shocks and 306 60mm lowering springs can't stress how much better berlingos drive when lowered, next job rear axle strip and lowering, not bad for a 1.4 8v
I'll be interested to see how you go for wear on the bushes. I've chosen poly P-bushes and rubber front eyes - opposite to yours. Yet to road test them, as not fitted so far.

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