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[Steering & Suspension] steering pulsing,while cornering
Big Grin
Hello everyone, just joined,also just bought my 1st BINGO

2.0hdi, DESIRE,53 PLATE. 115,000m

But its got a terrible pulsing/pushing effect when i corner.

it feels like someones pushing my elbow to straighten the steering.

has anyone got any ideas, what going on,

and any ideas on how to correct,

its a real jolt,dont like it.

please help many thanks allSmile
Hi & welcome.
Is the PAS fluid nice & red? If not,remove what you can & replace with fresh fluid.Do this every 50 miles or so & you will get most of the crap out. Do this 3 or 4 times.The first drain may have fine metallic flakes.
If that does not improve the steering,the valves/pump may be at fault.Good luck.:thumbsup:
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Exactly what Ron says above.....mine did this and after the above treatment mine was fine.
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I did suck out quite a lot,and refill,also when i bought the car it was very low,so filled it up then as well.

It does look red,but will try and drain again,wheres the best place to drain the fluid?
any idea how much fluid is in the system
many thanks
I usually use a syringe to suck out the reservoir,hence the advice to do it 4 times.
If you are really keen,disconnect the pipes to drain.I have no idea of the correct capacity,but would guess about 1/2-1 litre from dry.
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Way off tracking could cause such a problem.
If the tracking is off so much, there will be a serious cause somewhere.
Chances are, you would notice a problem all the time however, not just turning.
Yup, had exactly the same problem myself. I happened to be at a garage having the exhaust done and they pointed out my tyres were worn unevenly. I think they were worn on the inside which means the wheels were toed out. Anyway I did a quick tweak to the tracking and lo and behold the pulsing went away. I got it checked later and the tyre place said I'd got it almost exactly right.

Stupid computer!
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Security system should fail dangerous!
Hi, i did notice the rear tyres were worn on the inside edge,i have only had car a few weeks maybe the tyres have been swapped from the front...i replaced both the back tyres now.
will see if i can get tracking checked and see if theres any play in the track rod ends

thanks for info so far
I'm not sure whether to start with the bad news or the worse news...

Rear tyres worn to their inside edge usually indicates a dying rear beam. Fixable for £100 if you have workshop access and a day or so, otherwise you're best dealing with a competent garage who have the right kit. Mountjoy Engineering also offer an exchange service.

With your front wiggles, first things to check are the wishbone bushes, ball joints, strut top mounts, track rods and wheel bearings. If they're all 100% then next port of call is the tracking.
Hi, what will need repairing on the beam axle? will it pass MOT like it is?
I looked at steering joints etc today,cant see any play,so will get tracking done asap,

Many Thanks

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