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Van rear door
Hi all.
Went to use my van today and when I tried to open the rear doors i felt the handle come loose...Argh!
I have now had to climb in the front and remove the full height dog guard, which is fairly awkward with the front seats in the way. After doing this I got to the door and it opened fine from inside. I have now removed the ply board and plastic liner from the inside of the door and discovered that the bolt that goes from the handle to the cable is no longer attatched. On attampting to fix this the stupid little blue plastic clip that holds the bolt in place has snapped...Argh again!
So I have rigged it with a cable tie and a boot lace at the moment.
Does anyone have any ideas on a quick fix or do I just need to fiddle about and get a new blue clippy thingy in there!?!?!
Any help would be appreciated.
I had the same, had to crawl through a 14x10" hole I had in the bulkhead for my ladders. Got my arse stuck but just managed to pull the handle.

I bodged mine (I'm a pro bodger(read repairer) and its lasted 18 months.
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Another bodger here. I tied some rope the inside of the handle mechanism, fed it through to the front and have to give a good old tug to open the door. It's a PITA but its lasted well over a year lol
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Thanks for the replies guys. Good to know its not just me lol

Well after having a quick look around for replacement parts I think I might just be leaving the cable ties on! Far too expensive for me!!

Will see if it opens in the morning and probs just forget all about it Big Grin
Right problem solved as far as I can tell. The cable ties seem to be holding fine as I forgot about it when I was opening the door this morning and all seems ok Big Grin

And I'm defo not spending crazy money on a part thats not needed!!!!!
Wahey Van passed its MOT today with the dodgy door Big Grin

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