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36K service on 1.6HDI XTR
My 09 1.6XTR is up for its 36000 service very soon.
Because of warranty constraints I'll have to take it to the main dealers
What is the actual scope of works I should expect to have done?

I've tried interpreting what it says in the service log/schedule booklet as to what the scope is but it appears to have been written deliberately confusingly (or is it I'm not a native French speaker?) Is there a simple to follow listing anywhere?

Thanks in anticipation
I suspect this is an extended warranty not a new car warranty however FYI,

New Car Warranty.
Under EU Block Exemption legislation which has been around for many years now, a manufacturer cannot force a buyer to have their car serviced by their official dealership network, and cannot refuse to honour a new car warranty simply because a car has been serviced elsewhere. However, a manufacturer does have the right to set a servicing schedule which must be adhered to.
Agree with above post- I get mine serviced by local Garage using correct oil, filters etc., warranty still valid.
Former 2011 Mk3 XTR owner Confusedalut:
Almost certainly no need to go to the dealers, ask them for it in writing, or ring the warranty company. Obviously you may be happy to return to them, but it's annoying when they bend the truth.
At this mileage we would complete a major service , this would incorporate the Air and Fuel filter, on top of the usual interim items, of Oil and Filter, pollen filter, all wheels removed, etc etc. I would expect a bill of about £350 from a dealer, providing they don't find other issues.
We tend to strip and remove rear brake pads as they seize on these models.
If it is Citroen or another extended warranty it depends on t&c's, it is intial 3yr manufactuers warranty that does not require main dealer servicing although oe parts should be used. If you take it to the main dealer, correct oil change procedure will be followed & correct oil used which seems pretty critical on these engines. You should have service booklet that came with the car which should be stamped up with previous services, yes? Read it carefully where it refers to 1.6hdi Berlingo & you will see apart from oil change it is mainly filters & inspections, they will also check thickness of discs/pads & may recommend changing of these depending on how hard you have been on brakes. Personally just for peace of mind over correct oil change proceedure I would take it to main dealer if you don't know of an independant garage you would entrust with the work.
I had mine done at the dealer back in January. Including a pair of new tyres, the bill came to around £400.
The Bus: 2009 MkIII VTR HDi 90, 7 Seater
(25-03-2013, 08:40 AM)Opensauce Wrote:  ............... Personally just for peace of mind over correct oil change proceedure I would take it to main dealer if you don't know of an independant garage you would entrust with the work.

I simply do all servicing myself.
I would never pay ridiculous dealer prices, labour or parts.

Sadly, original parts whilst under warranty, but never purchased at dealer prices.
I'm guessing you are a mechanic with your own vat registered workshop though, which most of us don't have which is why we don't simply do all servicing ourselves.

My answer was tailored specifically for the op question, if you had asked the same question I would have suggested that for peace of mind you did the oil/filter change yourself in your own workshop to ensure correct oil change procedure was followed & correct oil used. Wink
I can't speak for the UK but here, definitely, a dealer is the last place I'd suggest taking a car if not truly necessary. To generalise, the staff are often paid less than indie team members, can have less breadth of marque exposure (and thus less drawn to empirical assessments of problems) and frequently are not overly accountable for what they do (other than blindingly obvious cock-ups).

Most new cars have SFA profit margin on the sale; they try to recoup on service costs and consumables at high prices.
It depends on the dealer. Many UK Citroen dealers are long established family firms & not part of a big group. Whatever garage you use its about trust. I do know a bit about cars & yrs ago 70s-80s I would do all my own servicing on the older cars I owned then. The Citroen Garage nr Clacton has one of the family on the reception desk & he will explain in detail what is being done so no complaints with that. The Colchester Citroen garage is also family owned but is always so busy I changed to the Clacton garage. The only bad fault I have had in 4yrs was recent failure of egr valve, £520 repair but after a few emails to Citroen UK they refunded me the £300 cost of parts reducing my cost to £220 so probably comparable with independent garage so It works for me where I am.

To me intelligent dialogue is vital, I have no interest in garages with minimum wage teenaged receptionists which is why I would not buy a Ford where I live. Wink

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