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Fuel filter priming?
Hello all
Hope anyone can help, just serviced my van having changed the fuel filter also. I did read instructions to prime before starting, I did this and all was ok. Next morning had to prime again to get it going, same again today, it started then cut out. Have I not fully primed somehow? Thanks
Make sure you've got the lid on the fuel fitter housing correctly, it could be losing pressure there.
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Thanks for reply, I thought it was a sealed unit? Where can I check this?
Where you opened it to take the old filter out and replace it with the new one. Did you make sure the rubber o-ring was back in correctly? Had to fiddle with my one yesterday to get a snug fit when closing the top again...

As for priming you should pump it until you feel strong resistance in the button.
I changed my fuel filter & housing completely as on my 2008/58 reg it is a sealed unit with fuel in, fuel out and drain off pipe at the bottom.

My priming tube is a little awkward to access but I kept squeezing until I heard fuel begin to return out??
I see.

Look in your handbook (if you have one :S), think it says something about pressing the accelerator with the ignition on to bleed the air out of the system. Just like a land rover. This can take a few attempts if a lot of air has been drawn in. Failing this you may need to bleed the air out yourself Sad
Thanks murdo2520, ill look tomorrow.
If it's a 1.6 HDI it is a sealed unit.
Takes loads of priming till the rubber bulb goes firm.
Did mine last year and took perhaps 5 mins of priming and ran fine first time. :thumbsup:

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