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Electrical gremlins after clutch replacement
Hi! I have a 2001 multispace family 1.4 l petrol that I just replaced the clutch on. This was a nightmare in itself, as this model seems to have a Peugeot flywheel and Citroen release bearing, so I got the wrong kit twice... This led to the car standing still and in pieces for nearly 3 weeks. Yesterday I finally got everything together and it seemed ok. The clutch was a bit "weak", but I suspect the cable to be stretched.

Anyways, when I started the car I noticed the battery warning light stayed on and the heater blower didn't work. Also the headlights and instrument panel lights didn't shut off with the ignition off and I manually have to switch the lights off.

I hoped I had missed something during reassembly and went over all the connections again, but they were all connected. Both earths are connected to the gearbox too.

The car starts and runs fine, and all the other electrical bits work. The car has central locking, but the key is broken so we have to lock manually with the key. I don't know if this would complicate a BSI reset? I tried every step except to press the key button for 10 seconds, but no change...

Any help is greatly appreciated!

UPDATE: On a short drive now the left blinker blinked eratically, later none of them worked. After stopping, the car will not start again at all. The lights come on, but there is at best only one click from the starter and nothing more. The starter is only 2 months old though...

UPDATE 2: The starter is fine, it was my girlfriend that erroneously reported to me that it only clicked. What really has happened is that the battery is drained. So the warning light is not a glitch, it actually doesn't charge. So I guess I have to check the alternator now...
Dont understand what is the difference between Peugeot and Citroen clutch parts?
Hi, the bolt/stud pattern on the pressure plate was that of a Peugeot 306. It might be a shared pattern but I at least had to get a Peugeot kit.
Has it had a second hand engine fitted - something is not quite right?
No I don't think so, but the clutch problem is sorted. I just had to mix the release bearing from the Citroen kit with the pressure plate and friction disc from the Peugeot one. I think PSA did some changes on that engine, saw someone complaing about the bolt pattern on a Peugeot forum also. So the clutch works, although the cable might need replacing next.

The problem now is electrical, the car won't start anymore. I don't know if I've missed some secret earth cable or if the ECU just died while waiting in a cold, damp garage for 3 weeks...
Have you replaced the main engine earth which bolts on top of the gearbox?? :thumbsup:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
Hi, I haven't replaced that one, no. When I changed the clutch the intermediate RH driveshaft bearing was REALLY stuck, so I actually had to loosen the engine mount to free the driveshaft. This engine mount is also connected to the alternator, so I guess I must have "broken it" or something by accident.

I tested with a multimeter, and there is no earth problems between the alternator and the battery, both cables are fine. It just won't charge. When I rev the engine there is NO voltage change on the battery. Both earths on the gearbox are also fine. So I'm thinking of just buying a new alternator now.
I'd get the alternator tested first before spending good money on a replacement unit - you'd have to take it off to fit a new one anyway so there is nothing lost only a little time for the diagnostic.

Come to think of it I'd get the battery tested too as if it didn't hold a charge after sitting idle for three weeks then it may be in poor condition, I doubt the cold weather will have helped it.
Make sure the small wire is still attached to the other connection on the alternator.:thumbsup:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
Hi again! So, today I went to the local breaker yard, as they were supposed to have a cheap Valeo alternator. Of course it turned out to be a mislabeled Magneti Marelli, with a single connector instead of the two green wires to the Valeo. I've tried to look online if these can be converted, but no luck, so I guess not?

I disconnected the old alternator, and then all the electrics worked, radio, fan, lights etc. Of course they were all running on battery, but something in the old alternator has blocked these from working at all.

So now I wonder what the two green wires are for? Can I splice or mix these somehow to the Magneti? And what might be the reason for the old alternator preventing stuff to work?

I guess I just have to order a new one... I'm not sure where I can get the old one tested around here either.

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