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[Tires & Wheels] Steel wheels?
Newbie here - would anyone have any pics of a mk2 with 15 or 16 inch steel wheels. Will need a new set of tyres soon so might make the jump and buy a set.

15" steel are standard on mk2, are you looking for something different ?
So where does this bit go then ?
My mk 1 van has 15" wheels on, handling and ride comfort is far better.

Have a look in my garage.
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
14" is the standard size for MK1/2 vans - the 15" and 16" are standard on the cars

There was someone on ebay selling brand new ones for a bargain price a while back-may still be some around unless someone has the sellers details.
I beleive they were leftovers from converted vehicles
I can't find sixteens listed for the M59. You can get them from some facelift C5s, and also late 406 models. Here at least, the Pug ones are about 40% cheaper.
Bigger wheel mean lower profile tyres means rougher ride and more starin on suspension and drivetrain
Bigger wheels / tyres also means faster tyre wear .....
Wear has never concerned me; I accept it as a part of running (typically) softer treads.

One thing that narks me is when a tyre manufacturer alters the UTQ qualities of a tyre without saying anything explicitly about having done this. Or makes the tread depth thinner, again with no forewarning. I've had it across the spectrum from Michies to Chinoiserie.

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